Tech At Bloomberg

Bloomberg technology drives the world's financial markets. Nearly 5,000 technologists define, architect, build and deploy complete systems to fulfill the needs of leading financial market participants globally.

Open Source

Git Sprint Weekend @ Bloomberg London

Sprint produced nearly two dozen patches for git and libgit2


Making sense of the future of education and work

The CornellTech@Bloomberg speaker series looks at the transformation of education and work

Data Science

BLAW Searches for Bias in Civil Asset Forfeiture Cases

Photo Credit: Matt Popovich - Unsplash When police officers or other law enforcement personnel take property, money or other assets from people suspected, but not convicted, of a crime, its known as a civil asset forfeiture (or CAF). This practice is controversial for numerous reasons, not the least of which is that the person who [...]


Gary Vaynerchuk on Amazon, Facebook, Uber and the New York Jets

Serial entrepreneur shares advice on brand building, work ethic and who's winning in tech

Data Science

2017 Data for Good Exchange: With Great Data Comes Great Responsibility

Data, and the analysis of it, holds enormous power to change minds, alter policies, and challenge societal assumptions

Data Science

Data scientists to develop their own version of the ‘Hippocratic Oath'

The data science community must earn the trust of those whose data it holds

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