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Data Science

Stefaan Verhulst: Unlocking Private Data for Public Good

Photo Credit: Eli Francis - Unsplash In his role as co-founder and chief research and development officer of The Governance Lab (The GovLab), Stefaan G. Verhulst and his team have done a lot of work with open data. The GovLab is a research center based at New York Universitys Tandon School of Engineering that explores [...]
Data Science

Charlie Sheen's Outsized Impact on Sales of In-Home AIDS Tests

What's the best way to raise awareness of a disease? A macabre joke, well-known to those in public health, says that your best bet is for a celebrity to contract it. Dark, but true. "When a celebrity has a disease, money and attention flow from that," says Mark Dredze, an associate professor in computer science [...]
Data Science

Julia Stoyanovich on the importance of many perspectives at the Data for Good Exchange

Julia Stoyanovich has worked in data management in all different sectors of the tech world. During the first dotcom boomand bustshe was at Juno, an internet service provider that Stoyanovich says had the distinction of being the first "bad" tech IPO of that time. "It made me stronger," she says, laughing. [...]

The fundamental role of logic and proof in computer science

MIT Press recently published Fundamental Proof Methods in Computer Science, a book by Konstantine Arkoudas and David Mussera professor emeritus of computer science at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). The book puts proofs into practice, demonstrating the fundamental role of logic and proof in computer science. For Arkoudas, a senior research scientist at Bloomberg, the [...]
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