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Rap and the Party: China taps youth culture to hook millennial cadres


BEIJING In his baseball cap and baggy yellow t-shirt, the rap star Li Yijie - better known by his stage name "Pissy" - is an unlikely face of China's strait-laced ruling Communist Party.

One week to cross a street: how IS pinned down Filipino soldiers in Marawi

MARAWI CITY, Philippines With a grimace, Brigadier General Melquiades Ordiales of the Philippines 1st Marine Brigade recounted the painful gains made against Islamist militants in Marawi City.

2:12am EDT

U.N. medics see evidence of rape in Myanmar army 'cleansing' campaign

COX'S BAZAR, Bangladesh Doctors treating some of the 429,000 Rohingya Muslims who have fled to Bangladesh from Myanmar in recent weeks have seen dozens of women with injuries consistent with violent sexual attacks, U.N. clinicians and other health workers said.

Special Report: The Iraqi militia helping Iran carve a road to Damascus

BAGHDAD In late May, an Iraqi cleric called Akram Kaabi visited militia fighters in a desolate Iraqi town near the Syrian border. Kaabi, who heads a Shi'ite Muslim militia named Harakat Hezbollah al Nujaba, was decked out in a camouflage uniform and led the fighters in prayer on mats laid on the dusty ground. A video of the session showed heavily armed militiamen standing guard.

Special Report: More power and a quiet exit for Tasers best-selling product

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona The X26 is in a class by itself.

Sep 21 2017

Distrustful U.S. allies force spy agency to back down in encryption fight

SAN FRANCISCO An international group of cryptography experts has forced the U.S. National Security Agency to back down over two data encryption techniques it wanted set as global industry standards, reflecting deep mistrust among close U.S. allies. | Video

World, Tech, Germany, Japan, Israel Sep 21 2017

Islamists lure youngsters in the Philippines with payments, promise of paradise

MARAWI CITY, Philippines When he saw his commander holding the severed head of one of his neighbors, teenage Islamist fighter Jalil knew it was time to escape from Marawi City. | Video

Sep 21 2017

Special Report: The garage science behind the stun gun that changed policing

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona When Rick Smith launched his supercharged stun gun in 1999, his startup had produced two failed products, several years of losses and a load of debt.

Sep 20 2017

Russia becomes Iraq Kurds' top funder, quiet about independence vote

LONDON Russia, the only major power that has not called on Iraq's Kurds to cancel a referendum on independence next week, has swiftly become the top funder of Kurdish oil and gas deals, with as much as $4 billion pledged in less than a year, industry sources say.

World, Iraq, Russia Sep 20 2017

Trump administration red tape tangles up visas for skilled foreigners, data shows

WASHINGTON The Trump administration is making it more difficult for skilled foreigners to work in the United States, challenging visa applications more often than at nearly any point in the Obama era, according to data reviewed by Reuters.    | Video

Politics, Election 2016, U.S. Sep 20 2017

Trump's new travel ban could be harder to fight in court: experts

NEW YORK President Donald Trump's announcement on Sunday restricting travelers from an expanded list of countries has already been roundly criticized by immigrant and civil rights groups as no more lawful than his previous travel ban, but it could stand a better chance of holding up in court, legal experts said.

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