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work in
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Okunuşu: / wəːk ɪn / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work in
Ekler: works in/worked in/work·ing in

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  • those ants which, represent the inspectors of public works in the largest cities, those aquatic argyronetes which manufacture diving-bells, without having ever learned the mechanism; those fleas which draw carriages like veritable coachmen, which go through the exercise as well as riflemen, which fire off cannon better than the commissioned artillerymen of West Point? No! this Dingo does not merit so many eulogies, and if he is so strong on the alphabet, it is, without doubt, because he belongs to a species of mastiff, not yet classified in zoological science, the canis alphabeticus of New Zealand."
  • Joff heard a thump from outside. He looked at the door. It was probably nothing. Just . . . something about the size of a man falling against the side of the cottage with the force of a person dropping dead. Joff shook his head. The adventure in the Goblin Hills had obviously made him jumpy. He had just taken up his quill when he heard a groan from outside. "Bugger." Joffs sword belt hung on one of the wall pegs. He wished Coursa was there, but she and Jain were at Jains cottage, working in the garden. The thought made Joff a little ashamed. Even someone in his condition should not long for the protection of an old woman.
  • The roads, walls, and these buildings were undoubtedly built by the Spaniards, said his chum, decidedly. "I have seen lots of their work in St. Augustine, and the West Indian islands, and there is no mistaking its character.
  • Women who were already working in a reserved occupation, such as railroad clerks, were exempt.
  • "Come on," Todd said. "Theres no way, man. You gotta be back at work in three days. Thats impossible."
  • I say, now, resumed Power, catching at once that there was something working in his mind,--"I say, now, how happened it that you, a right good-looking, soldier-like fellow, that always made his way among the fair ones, with that confounded roguish eye and slippery tongue,--how the deuce did it come to pass that you never married?"
  • A long time ago i did a stint of work in an exeter high street bookshop.
  • "Blast your filthy gasbag of a mouth!" Sir Giles said. "You've made me forget to ask one thing. Does it work in time as well as space? We must try, we must try." He sat down, picked up the Crown, and sat frowning at the Divine Letters.
  • She worked in summer school and Hofstra basketball camp to get back into the swing of things. Sarah Lindman grew up the youngest of four kids to Mike and Deidre Lindman. She had three older brothers that were athletes, so she really has no choice to either blend in or be left behind. Her eldest brother, Gary, was six years older and was an all-state lacrosse player. He went on to star at Syracuse University and has been a successful high school lacrosse coach since graduating.
  • Attracted by his dog's barking, the old captain, who was at work in a small potato patch he cultivated, came hobbling to meet the boys as they tied up and disembarked.
  • For this purpose he bade them take with them a chariot that he thought magnificent, though the mighty timbers that gave grandeur to Castle Rodriguez had a cumbrous look in the heavy vehicle that was to the bowmen's eyes the triumphal car of the forest. So they took their bows and obeyed, leaving the craftsmen at their work in the castle, which was now quite roofed over, towers and all. They went through the forest by little paths that they knew, going swiftly and warily in the bowmen's way: and just before nightfall they were at the forest's edge, though they went no farther from it than its shadows go in the evening. And there they rested under the oak trees for the early part of the night except those whose art it was to gather news for their king; and three of those went into Lowlight and mixed with the villagers there.
  • A week later they were both discharged from the hospital and returned to the ward. The first thing they heard on entering it was that Koshkin had died the night before. Godfrey went back to his work in the office. He was doubtful how he should be received in the ward, but he found that, except by Kobylin and four or five others, he was welcomed quite cordially.
  • As the New Hampshire Republican Kelly Ayotte pointed out, the only impact the treaty would have on Americans would be to make it easier for disabled people to live and work in other countries. Democratic Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, referring to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, which was signed by Republican President George H. W. Bush, said Dole had come to the chamber because "he wants to know that other countries will come to treat the disabled as we do."
  • I know it; but we've a heap to do first. Miss Kinzey was from Milwaukee, somewhat direct of speech; and as her fancy leaned towards the secretary, she divined there was work in hand.
  • About 200 people were working in the mine at the time, most of whom were quickly evacuated.
  • Coleridge realizes that poetry works in exactly the same way, and comes up with his notion of emotion recollected in tranquility.
  • "Don't you think that tongue is also essential?" asked Miles. "But for the preacher's eloquence his heart and brain would have worked in vain."
  • While Mark discovered quickly that being a stay-at-home mom is a demanding job, other people are still not so savvy. People are so used to dumping their kids off for someone else to watch, that they have no clue what it is like to take care of children twenty-four/seven. If I were to tell people that I run a twenty-four hour daycare center it would be closer to the truth. I have high respect for people who work in the daycare field. No amount of money would make me want to spend all day long with other people's children. Mine are bad enough and I love them to death.
  • Mr Allfrey entertained the ridiculous idea that there were only three grand objects of ambition in life, namely, to work, to eat and drink, and to sleep. At least, if he did not say in definite terms that such was his belief, he undoubtedly acted as though it were. His mind appeared to revolve in a sort of small circle. He worked in order that he might eat and drink; he ate and drank that he might be strengthened for work, and he slept in order to recruit his energies that he might be enabled to work for the purposes of eating and drinking. He was a species of self-blinded human-horse that walked the everlasting round of a business-mill of his own creating. It is almost unnecessary to add that he was selfish to the back-bone, and that the only individual who did not see the fact was himself.
  • "And," Merlyn continued, "a few years later, when the fauns have gotten used to seeing cats in their streets and having their dens in their backyards, shelts will start disappearing. Slaves at first, criminals working in Filinian mines. Then strangersswamp faun visitors, outsiders, orphans, urchins, wandering minstrels. That will go on for a few years and no one will much mind, and the fauns will get richer and form more lucrative trade agreements, and their neighbors will become jealous and quarrelsome, but they'll snub their noses at those neighbors because they have Filinian treaties. And pretty soon the Filinians will be their only friends."
  • For example, Howe Choon Tang, who used Taobao while he worked in China, said since his return to Singapore two years ago, he still shops more on Chinese websites than on Amazon or eBay.
  • Almost a third of the members of the female force work in Kabul, performing duties such as conducting security checks on women at the airport and checking biometric data.
  • That's a fact, Jack said. "If there are men working in the ship they must be supplied with air by a submarine. How could that be done, I'd like to know."
  • Closer and closer they crept toward the unsuspecting beast, Sheeta upon his right side and Tarzan upon his left nearest the great heart. They had hunted together now for some time, so that they worked in unison, with only low, purring sounds as signals.
  • She was particularly anxious to show Mr. Beale a sample of her work in the morning and was making a fair copy of what she had described to him that afternoon as her "hotel list."
  • During the year there was much preparatory hard work in liaison with richard taylor of leeds planning department and leeds leisure services.
  • Not a bit of it, was the reply. "He was back at work in about four days, and within two weeks after his hand had bothered him very little. But he certainly had scars enough afterward."
  • They have domesticated them more thoroughly, I guess, the Northerner replied. "In time they may be worked up here in the same way, and when you consider how short a time the government has had to do what is already accomplished, it seems to me the result is wonderful. Of course, so far as traffic is concerned there are dogs enough, and they do the work in mighty good shape."
  • It was only after they had gone back for their baskets of beans, and once more returned to the hut, that Caspar and Ossaroo found time to indulge in their conjectures. Then both of them set to work in earnest--seated upon the great stones outside the door, where often before they had conjured up schemes for their deliverance. Neither communicated his thoughts to the other; each silently followed the thread of his own reflections--as if there was a rivalry between them, as to who should be the first to proclaim the design already conceived by Karl.
  • The stranger had begun to use the labouring tools, and he worked in the garden. When he stopped in his work, as was often the case, he remained retired within himself; but on the engineer's recommendation, they respected the reserve which he apparently wished to keep. If one of the settlers approached him, he drew back, and his chest heaved with sobs, as if overburthened!
  • Opportune moment to have stronger links between ngos working in latin america.
  • Lady Kyria went on to describe the street of lanterns, to more sly amusement, and the plight of the prostitutes or, "unfortunate men and women", who worked in the brothels and the lively trade in black market slaves that supplied these establishments. Then she went on to talk about the "unfortunate men and women" who sold themselves on the sea wall. "This trade goes on unregulated and unmonitored. The unfortunate men and women so employed must rely on the protection of thugs and bruisers who are just as likely to take their payment in trade," she concluded. "The case is, I understand, the same in Rinnai and the other large cities of the Empire. I propose that all brothels be required to register and that the City Guard be empowered to conduct inspections for illegal or unwilling workers. I ask that houses be established in all cities where refuge may be sought by those who have been unfairly used in this vile trade."
  • "Now, youve heard from all of our expert witnesses, leaders in their field, experts in HIV and AIDS, who represent the overwhelming majority of credible scientists and doctors and researchers in the world. On the other hand, with very few exceptions, the defense has offered you a collection of what are known as AIDSdenialists’ – a very small minority in the scientific community who dont even believe that HIV causes AIDS, many of whom have never worked in the AIDS field or treated an AIDS patient or watched someone die from AIDS. Most of them really dont have any credentials to speak of, other than maybe having a paper they wrote once published in an obscure magazine no one ever heard of. Their list even included someone who teaches logic, and another one who teaches statistics. Ladies and gentlemen, what were they doing here? AIDS and HIV belong to science, not philosophy or psychology. So when you decide who youre going to believetheir expert witnesses, or oursI think the choice will be a very easy one for you to make."
  • "What we achieved in that project was to put together some DNA which allowed bioluminescence, to show that it worked in [the bacterium] E. coli, and to submit it to the 'parts registry' which holds this DNA so anyone else can use it in future," team member Theo Sanderson told BBC News.
  • - You agree to indemnify and hold the Foundation, the trademark owner, any agent or employee of the Foundation, anyone providing copies of Project Gutenberg-tm electronic works in accordance with this agreement, and any volunteers associated with the production, promotion and distribution of Project Gutenberg-tm electronic works, harmless from all liability, costs and expenses, including legal fees, that arise directly or indirectly from any of the following which you do or cause to occur: (a) distribution of this or any Project Gutenberg-tm work, (b) alteration, modification, or additions or deletions to any Project Gutenberg-tm work, and (c) any Defect you cause.
  • We had altogether not an unpleasant time in the stockade, and we had plenty of work in repairing the wagons and tents, and in making other preparations for our further progress through the wild passes of the Snowy Mountains. The travelling, barring the attacks from the red-skins, had hitherto been easy; we were now to enter on a region wild and rugged in the extreme, where we should have to encounter dangers innumerable from grizzly bears, avalanches, mountain torrents, and steep precipices, added to those we had already gone through. However, their contemplation in no way daunted any of our party. From old Mr Ragget's forethought and judgment, he had amply supplied his camp with provisions before the winter set in, and the same qualities he was now exerting in making preparations for our journey. We thus avoided many of the disasters and miseries from which so many parties of emigrants suffered proceeding over the same route in following years.
  • The carpenters were immediately set to work in building a boat. The next day, while thus employed, the Joli and the Belle hove in sight. The short twilight of the tropics was then passing into night. A signal-fire was built, and seen by those on the ships. The next morning, the slow-sailing Aimable, which bore La Salle and his companions, appeared. La Salle landed and visited the encampment. Having sounded the creek, he decided to bring the three vessels in, and to send a boat to explore inland, hoping that the creek might prove to be the mouth of some river. The channel was carefully staked out for the entrance of the vessels, safe anchorage chosen, and orders were issued for the three to enter at the next high tide. La Salle would give the signal from the shore, when they were to move.
  • But what might work in concert halls or aboard ships might not work within companies or government, according to Mr Edelman.
  • With all this gear, although snugly stowed, a boat looked so loaded that I could not help wondering how six men would be able to work in her; but like most "deep-water" sailors, I knew very little about boating. I was going to learn.
  • Taught by staff who have worked in the criminal justice sector and maintain strong professional links.
  • Well, then, said Tom, "I'll tell you what I wish you'd do. I must go back to work in a few minutes, but I wish you two would go down town and hear what folks have to say about this business, and then come back here and have dinner with me at twelve. Will you?"
  • In the early days, the clams had been plentiful and the prices paid were fairly decent. Not any more. In the past year, like a waterspout suddenly rising from the surface toward an ominously dark cloud, a concern gripped Billy that one day the clams would be gone, destroyed by pollution, or he might hurt his back too seriously to work through the pain. Then what would he do? When he graduated from college with a BA in English, Billy decided he didn't want to be part of corporate America or a bureaucrat or any sort of money grubber. He could never work in an office, 9 to 5, or be a salesman or run from door to door with packages like his brother-in-law. The water was in his blood.
  • 'By your letter to Minas last night. I was in doubt, and then everything took a hue of unreality, and I did not know what to trust, even the evidence of my own senses. Not knowing what to trust, I did not know what to do, and so had only to keep on working in what had hitherto been the groove of my life. The groove ceased to avail me, and I mistrusted myself. Doctor, you don't know what it is to doubt everything, even yourself. No, you don't, you couldn't with eyebrows like yours.'
  • The spread works in a similar fashion to how a market maker in the cash market operates.
  • The hunters and protectors were working in pairs, using a floater to fill in wherever necessary as the flow of the fight dictated. The starting match-ups were as follows: Cal and Emily versus Hartwell; Blake and Sharon versus Belinda; Garrison and Thaddeus versus Maxwell; Nicole and Carla versus Daniel; and Aaron and Kayla versus Maggie, with Andrew serving as the able-bodied floater.
  • Nothing. This has only been a reconnoitring trip. To-morrow we shall have Melchior back, and we can get to work in earnest.
  • Soundproofing works in each case against the forecasted costs of these works.
  • Oh! I know its done. But everyone works in the belief theyll leave you alone if you leave them alone. From many years painful experience theyve learned to stay out of noble fights and you owe them the same.
  • Social pedagogues work in a way that combines social care and education.
  • Here he worked in domestic, commercial and entertainment fields, including the planning of amusement parks.
  • Finally Derrick and the mine boss came to a junction of several galleries, a sort of mine cross-roads, and the former was told that this was to be his headquarters, for here was where the trains were made up, and from here the empty cars were distributed. At the farther end of each of the headings leading from this junction two or more miners were at work drilling, blasting, and picking tons of coal from between its enclosing walls of slate. They were all doing their best to fill the cars which it was Derrick's business to haul to the junction and replace with empty ones. There were also a number of miners at work in breasts, or openings at the sides of the gangways that followed the slant of the coal vein, who expected to be supplied with empty cars and have their loaded ones taken away by Derrick. These breast miners filled their cars very quickly, as the moment they loosened the coal it slid down the slaty incline, above which it had been bedded, to a wooden chute on the edge of the gangway that discharged it directly into them.
  • She has worked in a variety of contexts, including multicultural inner city schools.
  • "You know it. I know it. Institutional loyalty is every bit as much about informed self-interest as personal loyalty is. The Tribe takes care of me, I take care of the Tribe. Well negotiate a separate payment from Jersey for thisafter all, this is outside of the scope of work that were being paid forand well split the money, down the middle. Well work in a residual income with Jersey, too, because, as you say, this is bigger than MassPike. Its a genuinely good idea, and theres enough to go around. All right?"
  • The major restoration work in the ticket hall area included repairing the ceiling, moldings and the original wall paneling.
  • Annie looked at her sister-in-law. "They said that they didnt mind the work, but they hated the work environment and that they didnt get paid very well at all." Annie took a sip of water. "I think they had to work in order to live there and I think their chores never did get done."
  • There's another! he whispered, a strange, choked feeling all around his heart. "And look--three more! They're working in ahead of us. Here, I'll have a shot at 'em, for luck!"
  • Sure enough, he did manage to discover something that had the appearance of a boat; but as it rose and fell with the waves, now vanishing altogether from his sight, and then again being plainly seen, Max made it out to be a rowboat. There were no oars working in the sunlight, nor could he discover the first sign of life about the bobbing craft that was coming down on the flood.
  • "Be at peace," he answered, "for no man has yet measured his own work, and it may be you shall do more than all these. They laboured in their office, and you shall work in yours. But why will you have me tell you what to do?"
  • Csar-Auguste-Jean-Guillaume-Hubert Franck (10 December 18228 November 1890) was a composer, pianist, organist, and music teacher who worked in Paris during his adult life.
  • Since lace bobbins are worked in pairs, many people make the spangles the same for a pair.
  • At the southern end, cycling commuters use it to get to and from work in cardiff.
  • Their work in the field of forensic ballistics, with the comparison microscope, brought fair justice at murder trials.
  • Left alone with his patients, save his Chinese assistant, Doctor Dick threw off his coat and set to work in earnest to see what he could do for them, and how seriously they were wounded.
  • Such were the words of one of the greatest explorers of Africa in the nineteenth century. Determination was the keynote of his character even as a young boy. At the age of ten he was at work in a cotton factory in Scotland: with his first week's wages he bought a Latin grammar. Fourteen hours of daily work left little time for reading, but he educated himself, till at nineteen he was resolved to be a medical missionary.
  • Admiral nurses are clinical nurse specialists working in the field of dementia care.
  • Oh no, no one would think of such a thing as that! Men like these are only sent to the big towns, Tiumen, or Perm, or Tobolsk, and then they are settled on land or work in the towns, but they are free to do as they like. The country wants labour, and men who won't work at home and expect the community to keep them have to work here or else they would starve. Then there are numbers who are only guilty of some small offence. They have stolen something, or they have resisted the tax-gatherer, or something of that sort. They only go to prison for the term of their sentences, perhaps only three or four months, and then they too are free like the others, and can work in the towns, or trade if they happen to have money to set them up, or they can settle in a village and take up land and cultivate it. They can live where they like in Siberia. I had many rich men pointed out to me in Tobolsk who had come out as convicts.
  • Mr. Cohen would often look at me when we were approaching lunchtime. He probably wanted to get out of that stuffy classroom as much as the rest of us, so he would give us an incentive to finish our work in a timely fashion. He was not one for details, so we were all usually on the playground a good ten minutes before any other class. This gave us plenty of time to run our own hoop game before it got too crowded.
  • Mr. Denman considered for some moments. "Let us see. You have done some work in a law office. Now," Mr. Denman spoke with some hesitation; "I have a place in my own office here--not much in it for the present, but--"
  • I struggled up on my feet and proceeded to carry the big vessels to the river bank, where I intended to construct the raft. The effort to take each heavy bottle those few metres seemed almost beyond me in my exhausted state. At last I proceeded to strip the floor of the hut, which had been made with split assahy palms (Euterpe oleracea L.), in order that I might make a frame to which I could fasten the bottles. With a great deal of persuasion I got Filippe and Benedicto to help me. The long pieces of assahy were too heavy for our purpose, and we had the additional trouble of splitting each piece into four. It was most trying work in our worn-out condition. Then we had to go into the forest and collect some small liane, so that we could tie the pieces together, as we had no nails and no rope.
  • The road was a magnificent one, having been built on the foundations of the ancient Appian Way. It was lined on each side with trees, and was broad and well paved. It is considered one of the finest in Europe. Along this they rolled, the blue sky above them, on the right hand the mountains, on the left the sea. The air was damp and chill; but at first they did not feel it particularly, though Uncle Moses complained of "rheumatics," and took precautionary measures against his insidious enemy by wrapping himself up warmly. As they went on they saw crowds of peasants coming to work in the fields. These peasants lived in the hill country on the right, and had to walk a great distance to get to their place of labor,--for to live on the marshes was impossible. Men, women, and even children were there; and their pale, sickly faces and haggard looks showed how deadly were the effects of the noxious exhalations from this marshy soil.
  • And now, said Fray Antonio, speaking slowly and reverently, "for such glorious work in God's service as has been granted but rarely to man to do!"
  • The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) is one of the longest-standing bodies for the defence of human rights in Egypt. In 2003, the Government established the National Council for Human Rights, headquartered in Cairo and headed by former UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali who directly reports to the President. The council has come under heavy criticism by local activists, who contend it undermines human rights work in Egypt by serving as a propaganda tool for the Government to excuse its violations and to give legitimacy to repressive laws such as the recently renewed Emergency Law. Egypt had announced in 2006 that it was in the process of abolishing the Emergency Law, but in March 2007, Mubarak approved several constitutional amendments to include "an anti-terrorism clause that appears to enshrine sweeping police powers of arrest and surveillance", suggesting that the Emergency Law will remain for the long haul.
  • The hold was about half filled, and the ship carpenters were at work cutting ports in the Retriever's bows, when Matt Peasley discovered that the mill did not have in hand any order for lumber to be used as stowage to snug up the cumbersome cargo below decks and keep it from rolling and working in a seaway.
  • Some craft machinists work in the maintenance side, for example, for electricity generation companies in power stations.
  • What might joint working in literacy across the curriculum look like?
  • The university operates a temporary staff bank which is often able to offer a variety of temporary clerical or catering work in the university.
  • "Almost completed, I think," she replied. "You did good work in Ilas; King Lupe was generous in his praise of us, which seems to have turned the tide in favour of our proposition. It seems as if Prince Patrizio will agree to send his second-youngest son Prince Caspar to Jovan, on the understanding that if both he and my sister are amenable to it, they will be married."
  • Yes. I don't feel old, you see. I feel as if I had many years' good work in me yet. But there! That's the trouble with the mediocre men. They are shelved before they are old. I am one of them.
  • Thus the effect of the feast was the opposite of the effect intended by Cobby, Spiciewegiehotiu, like Pharaoh at the miracles of Moses, hardening her heart at the miracles of Cobby; and with the rising of the sun upon that night of the fairies, fairyland lost its glamours for her, and got to be a matter for practical politics, her enlarged soul now starting to dream dreams of a new Wo-Ngwanya, far lordlier, introduced by Cobby; the mood of revolution took her: thoughts of war, of enormous dramas of transformation, of palms, campaigns, spectacles, splendours, Alexandrine transactions; and always she said to herself war, girl, war, war."" This was to work and work in her...."
  • Mitigated by extensive drainage control works in and around the town.
  • Glad to find you here in Bridgeton, Mr. Smedley, Randolph again said, his voice like oil and his manner confident and condescending. "I received the notification from you when over in France working in a secret capacity for the Government."
  • Off-site prefabrication and cutting have tended to work in favor of pvc.
  • Rob did the voice-over for the video about my work in burkina faso a couple of years back.
  • Writer Sarah Stegall awarded the entry five out of five, commenting that the subject matter made it hard for her to watch, as a mother herself. She praised the characterization of Mulder, and the performance by Duchovny, commenting that he brought warmth to the plot. Sarah positively described Mulder as "a truly gentle man who can show compassion without being maudlin about it", but wrote negatively about Scully, who seemed "antagonist" towards the well-meaning Mulder. John Keegan from Critical Myth gave the episode 7 out of 10, musing that it was unfortunately overlooked, featuring a plot that the "audience can truly relate to". Keegan cited Duchovney as the most important aspect to the installment's success, but also felt that Scully seemed like a bully in the episode. Duchovny was particularly pleased with his work in the episode, feeling that it was amongst his best acting performance during the entire run of The X-Files. He later cited the episode as one of his favorites.
  • Fair working in close co-operation with local police to look again at the hundreds of unsolved murders in south armagh.
  • I beg likewise to say a word with respect to the book known as "The Story of Louis Riel." That volume has been quoted as history; but it is largely fiction. There is no historic truth in the story therein written by me that Louis Riel conceived a passion for a beautiful girl named Marie; and that he put Thomas Scott to death, because the maiden gave her heart to that young white man. I have seen the story printed again and again as truth; but there is in it not one word of truth. This much I am glad to be able to say in justice to the memory of the miserable man, who has suffered a just penalty for his transgressions. I never intended that the work in question should be taken as history; and I should have made that point clear in an introduction, bearing my name, but that I was unwilling to take responsibility for the literary slovenliness, which was unavoidable through my haste in writing, and through Mr. D. A. Rose's hurry in publishing, the work. It occupied me only seventeen days; and I did not see my proofs.
  • '... Right. Anyway, he went along, there were three of them. One liked him, one hated him, one didn't care, the usual nonsense. Well they asked him various questions, I forget them exactly, but one of them was 'Would you mind working in the Tax Office, what are your views on paying tax?', and he replied 'I've no idea, I've never paid any myself. I've been unemployed since I left college'. They smarted a bit but carried on. When they asked him about his hobbies he told them he was a poet. So they asked him, I can't believe this but he swears its true, 'What's your conception of the universe?' So, sensing a good leg-pull he told them that he thinks that mankind is like a match struck in the void, momentarily flaring but doomed to destruction, devouring the very thing upon which it exists. No, no, the world was the match, the wood and that, and mankind was the flame, the fire. Yes, that's it. Not bad.'
  • "The way is in your hand," Lief said nodding to the sword. "The sword's ability to reflect natural light allows the carrier to fend off the advance of any shadow tree. Apparently, the Sword of Decree was created when the decision was made to place the seeds of shadow trees into Sanctum. Though not every elf is a magic caster, every elf has the ability to store magical energies. Even when the sphere sucked pure magic from the world, it could not take that which each elf stored in his body. This stored energy, the last vestige of magic for the elves that worked in Sanctum, was used to create the Sword of Decree.
  • It is all of a piece with the counterfeit instructions, Ned said. "There is an unknown interest working in this case. If the officers at Manila suspected or had wind of what is going on here, why didn't they send a troop ship and capture the chiefs, and so screen out the men responsible for the conspiracy?"
  • With a good silent dog playing in front of a blind these ducks in the early spring will come within short range, as will the black duck and gray goose. They have keen eyesight and will work in from a quarter of a mile to investigate the dog. The dog of best color to attract ducks is yellow or yellow and white. A pure white is better than a dark colored, which latter only appears to scare them away.
  • We made up our minds to separate, one party to work north from where we were standing; one to work south from the Gingham Ground, and the others to work in between, to see if we could find where he had left the road.
  • The ground sloped gently downwards from the edge of the forest, and the place where he was had probably been ploughed, but was now trodden flat and hard. Next in front of the stores he observed a long, low hut built of poles, and roofed with fir branches; the walls were formed of ferns, straw, bundles of hay, anything that had come to hand. On a standard beside it, a pale blue banner, with the device of a double hammer worked in gold upon it, fluttered in the wind. Twenty or thirty, perhaps more, spears leant against one end of this rude shed, their bright points projecting yards above the roof. To the right of the booth as many horses were picketed, and not far from them some soldiers were cooking at an open fire of logs. As Felix came slowly towards the booth, winding in and out among the carts and heaps of sacks, he saw that similar erections extended down the slope for a long distance.
  • In a reconnaissance we made we found that from Camp Jahu we had to take the canoe along among innumerable rocks scattered in the only navigable channel on the north side of a basin 700 m. wide, with a large island 350 m. wide--Sarah Island--on the southern side of the bay, and another smaller island almost in the centre of the basin. There was a drop 2 ft. high--a regular step--in a barrier of sharply-pointed rocks. We had some two hours' hard work in order to get the canoe safely down. The rocks were so close together that we could not find a passage large enough for the canoe, and we actually had to pull her out of the water over some rocks and then let her down gently on the other side.
  • My work was interesting and stimulating. Being in this country was providing me with professional experience I would not have gained for many years working in the USA. I was able to witness the direct impact of my nursing on childrens lives, and it was very satisfying. The learning curve had been steep, but luckily the program was staffed with experienced professionals. I learned quickly from them, and finally found the peace there for which I had longed.
  • "Now, if I could have done this without the knowledge of Professor Moriarty, all would have been well. But he was too wily for that. He saw every step which I took to draw my toils round him. Again and again he strove to break away, but I as often headed him off. I tell you, my friend, that if a detailed account of that silent contest could be written, it would take its place as the most brilliant bit of thrust-and-parry work in the history of detection. Never have I risen to such a height, and never have I been so hard pressed by an opponent. He cut deep, and yet I just undercut him. This morning the last steps were taken, and three days only were wanted to complete the business. I was sitting in my room thinking the matter over, when the door opened and Professor Moriarty stood before me.
  • Sanych framed her project in a few sentences and made her request. Anjoya raised her chin in thought, letting her dark eyes play over the light patterns on the opposite wall. "I believe I know a few individuals that you may seek out. Ill make you a list...but forgive me. You dont need a list, do you?" Anjoya smiled and gave her five names and where they lived and worked in Greater Salience.
  • Meantime Emmett was living with Claire in a house on Malone Avenue. They took ecstasy regularly and both worked in the Tesco on the Lisburn Road. Emmett had discontinued his studies for a while, suspecting his marks were not as good as they could be. He was faced with repeating a year but did not much like the prospect. His ambitions had in fact plunged him into an abyss of nightmarish soup-like consistency. He did not know what he was going to do the next day let alone in the next seventy years. He had developed into a state of desire for all or nothing. Since he was evidently not going to achieve all, he had driven himself with a stick to the latter.
  • Now, he stood in front of his work in progress, adding a stroke here and a brush stroke there, trying to perfect it. He hoped that finishing the painting would free his mind of the morbid, yet beautifully glistening waterfall of blood for good. The only problem was that the fool saw the killer's face in his mind's eye. It peeked out from behind the tapestry, staring straight at him.
  • Clive nodded. ‘Yes, Askphrit was my fault. I was the one whowe were so busy in those days, I got distracted, forgot to run the program to test the results, and ended up leaving out some of the protocols that should have been added in his case. I am sorry my dear, but on the other hand, the loophole I accidentally left for him, has now worked in your favour.
  • A Night at Sea Shark Gulf Confidences Preparations for Winter Forwardness of the bad Season Severe Cold work in the Interior In six Months A photographic Negative Unexpected Incident.
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