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work in
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Okunuşu: / wəːk ɪn / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work in
Ekler: works in/worked in/work·ing in

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  • Would you like to paint a dinosaur?"" he asked a girl whose mother had brought her to the mall to see the work in progress. He handed her a brush and she added color to the leg of one of creatures."
  • When they had finished, they turned their attention again to Gleeson. But they had not hurried over their meal, having little care or consideration for him; and he, recovering consciousness while yet they were engaged, felt no qualms about making his retreat as quickly and as quietly as possible. Aching in every bone, and with every muscle bruised, he crept away through the shelter of the scrub, not daring to look for the swag he had thrown down, or the hat which had been knocked from his head. There was only one instinct or desire in his being--the instinct which drives the wounded rat back to its hole to die, the instinct of self-preservation working in its meanest range. His swagger and bluster had been hopelessly crushed out of him by the vigour of Palmer Billy's attack; and to have been, as he considered, twice deserted by his own comrades, rendered his subjugation even more complete.
  • Social pedagogues work in a way that combines social care and education.
  • I looked at Kewpie and winked and Kewpie looked puzzled. I said: "Those two guys I've known for ten years. They're card dealers. I used to know them when I worked in Eureka. They had a pan game there."
  • This was the way General Gordon greeted his boys, when they rode up beside the stump on which he was seated, superintending the negroes who were at work in the field.
  • If visas for highly -skilled workers were the only issue on the table, Democrats and Republicans could solve it fairly quickly. The GOP would need a little time to convince the staunchest conservatives to sign on. Democrats would have to win over unions, but that might not be too difficult because most science and engineering grads work in fields with few union jobs, anyway.
  • "The moon works in much the same way the arrow does, only it moves at such a great speed that it never touches the ground."
  • The mood in the castle was tense and uneasy. The departure of the healer, rumored to have actually been a Norman noblewoman, had affected the lord to a troubling degree and no one knew what to do about it. Longsword brooded constantly, rarely spoke and flew off the handle at the slightest incident. The servants worked in silence, his men avoided him and even Teleri remained shut in her chambers, apparently unwilling to cross his path lest she finally lose one of their battles.
  • Mr wardlaw worked in a foundry for eight years and was exposed to silica dust and contracted pneumoconiosis.
  • I recall my uncle, sonny wainwright, was employed there as a watchman and my dear old gran wainwright worked in the canteen.
  • I have spent over twelve years working in the public policy and / or strategy consulting arena.
  • Those braziers and cooking pots, he had said, "and the tools that must have been needed to build the steps and to dig their graves, prove that they know how to work in iron. If it is not done in these caverns, then they get it from some other similar community. But I think it likely that we shall come upon some signs of the work hereabouts."
  • These wolves were quite clever and seemed to work in unison to take down prey, but the pattern to their attacks was now clear. Anticipating its next move, Aiden stepped to one side and brought his shortsword across just as the first wolf tried to take advantage of the momentary distraction caused by the death of his companion. His sword hit, gashing it along its flank as it leapt past, causing it to recoil reflexively and crash into the ground instead of landing gracefully.
  • "Be at peace," he answered, "for no man has yet measured his own work, and it may be you shall do more than all these. They laboured in their office, and you shall work in yours. But why will you have me tell you what to do?"
  • When he had finished his breakfast, Captain Horn went to work. There was to be no more thinking, no more plans, no more fanciful anxieties, no more hopes of doing something better than he had done. Work he would, and when one thing was done, he would find another. The first thing he set about was the improvement of the pier which had been built for the landing of the guano. There was a good deal of timber left unused, and he drove down new piles, nailed on new planking, and extended the little pier considerably farther into the waters of the cove. When this was done, he went to work on the lighter, which was leaky, and bailed it out, and calked the seams, taking plenty of time, and doing his work in the most thorough manner. He determined that after this was done, and he could find nothing better to do, he would split up the little vessel which the Rackbirds had left rudderless, mastless, and useless, and make kindling-wood of it.
  • Such were the words of one of the greatest explorers of Africa in the nineteenth century. Determination was the keynote of his character even as a young boy. At the age of ten he was at work in a cotton factory in Scotland: with his first week's wages he bought a Latin grammar. Fourteen hours of daily work left little time for reading, but he educated himself, till at nineteen he was resolved to be a medical missionary.
  • We've got to risk a light, said he. "If it's turned low, and shaded, maybe they won't learn our whereabouts. But however that may be, we can't work in the dark. It would be too horribly perilous. One false move, one wrong combination, even the addition of one ingredient at the improper moment, and--well--you understand."
  • Almost a third of the members of the female force work in Kabul, performing duties such as conducting security checks on women at the airport and checking biometric data.
  • The university operates a temporary staff bank which is often able to offer a variety of temporary clerical or catering work in the university.
  • The work of the Terrorists was finally complete. Under the whole fabric of Society lay the mines which a single spark would now explode, and above this slumbering volcano the earth was trembling with the tread of millions of armed men, divided into huge hostile camps, and only waiting until Diplomacy had finished its work in the dark, and gave the long-awaited signal of inevitable and universal war.
  • Of necessity the ward became quiet very soon after night set in. The men talked and smoked for a short time, but in an hour after the candle was lit the ward was generally perfectly quiet. Godfrey, working as he did indoors, was far less inclined for sleep than either the men who had been working in the forest or those who had been listlessly passing the day in enforced idleness, and he generally lay awake for a long time, either thinking of home and school-days, or in meditating over his plans for escape as soon as spring arrived, and he now determined to keep awake still longer. "They are almost all asleep by seven o'clock," he said to himself. "If any of those fellows intend to do any harm to Mikail they will probably do it by ten or eleven, there will be no motive in putting it off longer; and indeed the ward is quieter then than it is later, for some of them when they wake light a pipe and have a smoke, and many do so early in the morning so as to have their smoke before going to work."
  • Fair working in close co-operation with local police to look again at the hundreds of unsolved murders in south armagh.
  • The Panther slid in to the float. Jack and Stella went ashore. Lefty Howe came down to meet them. Thirty-five or forty men were stringing away from the camp, back to their work in the woods. Some waved greeting to Jack Fyfe, and he waved back in the hail-fellow fashion of the camps.
  • Incidentally the leader had found that the little bank at Buffalo Center had its safe loaded with the sum of ten thousand dollars, which had been placed therein for the convenience of a certain wheat buyer in making some deals. This being rather in the line of work in which he had been most successful the leader had decided to relieve this congestion of cash and had so notified Mr. Jervice as soon as they met.
  • In October, I caught up with the British Antarctic Survey's Chris Hill, Program Manager of the Lake Ellsworth drilling program, and David Pearce, a BAS microbiologist working on the search for life in the samples BAS retrieves. Speaking in separate interviews, they told me about the pitfalls of working in Antarctica's harsh environment, the space-grade technology and hot-water drills they're using, and the lengths theyre going to ensure they dont contaminate the lake. Publishable results might come by early 2014.
  • "He is in a much stronger position now and hes acting like it," said Paul Begala, a Democratic communications strategist who worked in President Bill Clintons White House. "This is a very different negotiating position than last time."
  • January 2002 can nurses working in remote units accurately request and interpret radiographs?
  • You could be working in a genuine outback pub, nannying, working in the wineries or roughing it on an outback pub, nannying, working in the wineries or roughing it on an outback farm.
  • Paginatef my friends working in other firms spent their training photocopying or paginating trial bundles.
  • He also worked in france, and was involved in creating the first waterworks in paris.
  • For this purpose he bade them take with them a chariot that he thought magnificent, though the mighty timbers that gave grandeur to Castle Rodriguez had a cumbrous look in the heavy vehicle that was to the bowmen's eyes the triumphal car of the forest. So they took their bows and obeyed, leaving the craftsmen at their work in the castle, which was now quite roofed over, towers and all. They went through the forest by little paths that they knew, going swiftly and warily in the bowmen's way: and just before nightfall they were at the forest's edge, though they went no farther from it than its shadows go in the evening. And there they rested under the oak trees for the early part of the night except those whose art it was to gather news for their king; and three of those went into Lowlight and mixed with the villagers there.
  • "Derivative Work" means a work based upon the Work or upon the Work and other pre-existing works, such as a translation, musical arrangement, dramatization, fictionalization, motion picture version, sound recording, art reproduction, abridgment, condensation, or any other form in which the Work may be recast, transformed, or adapted, except that a work that constitutes a Collective Work will not be considered a Derivative Work for the purpose of this License. For the avoidance of doubt, where the Work is a musical composition or sound recording, the synchronization of the work in timed-relation with a moving image ("synching") will be considered a Derivative Work for the purpose of this License.
  • That she was a working-woman; that her husband was dead; that her work in Paris had failed her, and that she was on her way to seek it elsewhere, in her own native parts; that she had left Paris that morning on foot; that, as she was carrying her child, and felt fatigued, she had got into the Villemomble coach when she met it; that from Villemomble she had come to Montfermeil on foot; that the little one had walked a little, but not much, because she was so young, and that she had been obliged to take her up, and the jewel had fallen asleep.
  • 1.C. The Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation ("the Foundation" or PGLAF), owns a compilation copyright in the collection of Project Gutenberg-tm electronic works. Nearly all the individual works in the collection are in the public domain in the United States. If an individual work is in the public domain in the United States and you are located in the United States, we do not claim a right to prevent you from copying, distributing, performing, displaying or creating derivative works based on the work as long as all references to Project Gutenberg are removed. Of course, we hope that you will support the Project Gutenberg-tm mission of promoting free access to electronic works by freely sharing Project Gutenberg-tm works in compliance with the terms of this agreement for keeping the Project Gutenberg-tm name associated with the work. You can easily comply with the terms of this agreement by keeping this work in the same format with its attached full Project Gutenberg-tm License when you share it without charge with others.
  • Accordingly I soon had two uprights driven in the ground and a lot of meat spitted on the green branch of a sapling. With glowing embers from two fires, collected between my uprights, and the wooden spit resting upon them, I showed a female how to keep the roast turning. Again the Links approved of the plan, for they were quick to see that one person working in this manner, could cook for all as readily as for one. They were restless to be at the meat as soon as the first bit of brown appeared, but I kept them off, made them replenish the embers from fires burned down, and then I cut off the places where the meat was done with my knife, for general distribution.
  • I hold up the tin that I'm still grasping. I stare at it, waiting for answers. What did this thing do to me? Was this in the real world? Did a janitor called Ben give this to me in a physical realm, or had I already fallen down the rabbit hole when that appeared to happen? Did I really work in a dusty basement, logging data? Did I even go to America to work? Was anything real and outside of my mind since the moment I was born?
  • At the same time, it was necessary to become familiar with the methods required for stem cell analysis at the laboratory of the Canadian cooperation partner, Professor Judah Denburg of the McMaster University in Hamilton and to transfer this knowledge to Germany. Dr. Kristin Weiße spent six months in Canada working in the group of Professor Denburg in order to acquire the necessary know-how and profit from the experience of the Canadian partners. Dr. Lehmann and Dr. Weiße agree that "with the subject of environmental contamination and stem cells we have established an exciting new field of research." The UFZ team is currently the only one in the world investigating this relationship with analytical precision and methodical patience. The LiNA study, in the course of which mothers and their children can be observed over several years, represents a unique basis.
  • Writing has always been a part of my life, even from the time I was a young boy. There were periods, some of them stretching to several years apiece, when I didnt write a thing. But I always returned to the art. I read lots, too. Rarely fiction, mind you, but moral philosophy, education, history, religion, politics, economics. My favorites: Erich Fromm, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Lao-tse, Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Ray Billington, David C. Korten, E.F. Schumacher, Michel Eyquem de Montaigne (my all-time favorite). I read the occasional science-fiction novel (Jerry Pournelle, Larry Niven, Robert Heinlein, and Frank Herbert); I picked up my first fantasy book, The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks, when I was 19 and working in a tiny gas station booth and needing something to do with the long hours. But overwhelmingly nonfiction of the variety I listed above ruled my bookshelves and my thoughts, and does to this day.
  • Linda wanted to scream. "Do you know how utterly stupid that is?! For Godsons sake, Ry, I work in a tavern. That means on some days I know more about whats going on in this town than you and Sy put together. I heard that Enin flew over to Sys office yesterday afternoon. If Enin came back, that meant you probably came back as well. With a few nudging questions to a few guards, I found out you ran into town in a hurry yesterday afternoon and left again fairly soon after that in another great hurry. I also found out no one saw Enin leave with you. Now I find out you actually told Sy to hide the truth from me."
  • It turns out that Elliot has no intention of attaching electrodes to my head, or even confining me to a sheep pen. He's a consummate businessman and is keen to capitalise on my popularity, and to my surprise he invites me to work in the Public Relations department of Foxglove, dealing mainly with the press. He gets a surprise in turn when I launch myself wholeheartedly into my new role. My knowledge of genetics is already substantial, and in the space of a few days I learn everything I can about multinational business in general, and Foxglove Laboratories in particular.
  • 'I don't think so, I don't think he's forgotten that he was born in a large town or that he spent ten years working in a city. It's too ingrained, maybe even goes too deep for him to be able to survive out there. But I doubt it. No, I don't think he's running way. Rather I think he's searching for something and he thinks he'll find it there, alone.'
  • Foster, who knew he would find waiting tedious, went back to the car for his small bag, after which he and Pete set off for the hotel. They had some trouble to cross the path of the avalanche and then spent some time getting past the men who were unloading a row of flat cars. The single-line track was cut out of the rock and one ran a risk of glissading down to the river by venturing outside its edge. Once, indeed, a heavy beam, thrown too far, plunged down like a toboggan, and leaping from a rock's crest splashed into the flood. The men on the cars worked in furious haste, and it was difficult to avoid the clanging rails they threw off.
  • "Come on, Nerissa," says Portia. "I have work in hand that you yet know not of! Well see our husbands before they think of us!"
  • Jap Town was situated on First South between Main Street and Third West. Most of it would be destroyed in 1969 to be replaced with newer buildings such as the new Salt Palace and Abravanel Hall. In 1900, 417 Japanese were in Utah. By 1910, 2110 lived here and by 1920, 2936 Japanese called Utah home. These numbers rose only slightly to 3269 by 1930, as restrictions were placed on immigration numbers. The Japanese worked in the copper mine at Bingham and the coal mines in Carbon County. They also worked for the Rio Grande- Western Railroad. The sugar beet industry took over 1000 Japanese workers into their fields. By 1910, Japanese farmers planted 4000 acres of sugar beets, with 2100 acres of other crops. Four years later, almost 4500 acres were beets and 9000 acres were other crops including celery and ever-bearing strawberries, which they patented.
  • Louie and Lulu could hear the machinery working in the shed. Yes there would be a slowly rising pool of effluent under the house!
  • Retrospect of various works published during the last year, new editions and new works in process.
  • We made up our minds to separate, one party to work north from where we were standing; one to work south from the Gingham Ground, and the others to work in between, to see if we could find where he had left the road.
  • My work was interesting and stimulating. Being in this country was providing me with professional experience I would not have gained for many years working in the USA. I was able to witness the direct impact of my nursing on childrens lives, and it was very satisfying. The learning curve had been steep, but luckily the program was staffed with experienced professionals. I learned quickly from them, and finally found the peace there for which I had longed.
  • Solicitors directly employed by the board work in partnership with advice organizations.
  • But it was no time just then for cogitation, the moment for decisive action had arrived, and I forthwith took the necessary steps to enable our party to do their share of the work in hand.
  • It provides a common evaluation system for all applicants for medical licensure: working in europe the bma international department can advise bma members.
  • He worked in fleet street for several years before turning freelance.
  • Attracted by his dog's barking, the old captain, who was at work in a small potato patch he cultivated, came hobbling to meet the boys as they tied up and disembarked.
  • Nothing, except that I look upon the sealing-master as a scoundrel of the deepest dye, perfectly capable of working in secret for some evil purpose with which he would like to associate Martin Holt!
  • "I'm not in any hurry to get married," he said. "Unless I married some girl boat bum, I'd probably have to give up rafting, and I'm not ready to do that yet. That doesn't always work. Louise married a boatman. Now, he doesn't run at all -- he's got a job that he can't get off of long enough to run a trip. She's a schoolteacher, so she can get in maybe three trips in the summer if she leaves him home. I don't think I could stand to just work in a factory and live on memories."
  • 'Briefly. He was working in his office for half an hour. I did tell him he should be out before Donald started work. And he was, I think. Or at least they overlapped by only a few minutes.'
  • He wondered about that woman. She was a brunette with a helmet cut and glasses, didn't wear much make up. He took her to the movies twice. She talked about the off-Broadway plays she had been to. She considered Broadway shows to be extravaganzas, not theater. She had never married, and never intended to, she told him. She worked in a library somewhere in Nassau County. Billy never found out whether she was a clerk on the patrons' desk or a real librarian.
  • Nyah fluttered her eyes. "Im Nyah Jelani. I already have my secondary papers. My parents work in the iron business. I live in Ciriceval, I like clang-clang loyalties, and Im a dawdler."
  • The place was staffed by bughousers - a floating population, like circus roustabouts - who worked in mental institutions.
  • He performed pioneer work in the early days of the management of tracheo-oesophageal fistula in neonates.
  • I did not fail on the following morning to go and give the Duke of Lerma an exact account of all that had passed. There was but one thing kept back. I did not mention Scipio's name, but took credit to myself for the discovery of Catalina. One makes a merit of any dirty work in the service of the great.
  • "I could do that, and would like to do it. My first choice, however, would be to learn to work in the copying room. I have all my life longed to be able to read."
  • Overview of visual foxpro training options we offer practical, hands-on training for programmers working in microsoft visual foxpro 6.0 - 9.0.
  • Edna Richards rolled up in her 1985 Plymouth Reliant K car, which had somehow defied all conventional machinery logic and was still on the road. The 72 year-old had not worked in more than 20 years and was a long way from the steno pool, but she was looking for a challenge and would find it at 244 Industrial Way in Huntington, New York.
  • At the close of his work in the Secret Service department of the Canal Zone government, he had been invited to accompany Major Ross to the Philippines for the purpose of assisting in the uncovering of an alleged treasonable plot against the peace of the Islands and the continued supremacy of the United States Government there.
  • You are of much kindness to me, replied the other, while he tried to regain control of his feelings. "My name is Hugo Kesterberg. I used to live in New York, where I did work in a German importing house. I have been in dis country not long, so I speak not der language so goot."
  • The weight of the wand fit me exactly. I felt as if it were a part of me. "A young seeker as magical as one young wizard can get," was written and it was mine. Sorcery was at work in this forest.
  • The lad had an uneasy feeling that he might have to make a public apology before the whole church congregation. This he felt would be very embarrassing. He also had an idea that his father might take him from school and put him to work in the mill. Mr. Henderson had once threatened this when Bob had played some particularly annoying prank. And Bob liked his school very much, in spite of the tricks he played,
  • Ken had developed a soft spot for Henry, and not the kind of soft spot that involved scented oils and role play. The only part of Henry that Ken was attracted to was his heart. It was rare for him to open up to people, but it was difficult to avoid getting close when you worked in tight quarters with people.
  • Now it may seem to many people a very disagreeable idea, that of sleeping out in snow, but one who has tried it can assure them that it is not so bad as it seems. No doubt, when Jasper halted in the cold dark woods, and said, "I think this will be a pretty good place to sleep," any one unacquainted with the customs of that country would have thought the man was jesting or mad; for, besides being very dismal, in consequence of its being pitch dark, it was excessively cold, and snow was falling steadily and softly on the ground. But Jasper knew what he was about, and so did the others. Without saying a word, the three men flung down their bundles of provisions, and each set to work to make the encampment. Of course they had to work in darkness so thick that even the white snow could scarcely be seen.
  • I've done that often enough, he said to himself. "I'll have to leave the blacksmith's trade now, but I'm kind o' glad I learned it. I'm glad I didn't have my shoes on when I went into the water, though. Soaking isn't good for that kind of shoes. Don't I know? I've worked in every shoe-shop in Crofield, some. Didn't get any pay, except in shoes; but then I learned the trade, and that's something. I never had an opportunity to stay long in any one place, but I could stay in the city."
  • Hed supposed Lord William would receive him at best distrustfully and at worst with a drawn sword; after all, a mere two days earlier theyd tried to kill each other. Hed brought a hostage with him, a measure of his good faith and this seemed to work in his favor. Olwens Norman lover had done the translations, all the while glaring at him with such intense hatred that hed decided he had more to fear from this man than from Lord William. Hed turned away from the frosty scrutiny only to find Longsword staring at his face with undisguised distaste.
  • Rsc northwest will be working in partnership with ferl to support colleges taking part in the program.
  • This new product began with an invention, as it customarily did. The first founder, Tom, was always coming up with something, then leaving it to the second founder, Chris, and his marketing team, to figure out what to do with it. In this case it was an ordinary-looking rubber wristband, which resembled one of those inspirational bands that companies like to give out to employees with stamped inspirational mottoes such as 'Never Give Up', or 'One Team One Fight'. The Syomatix wristband, though, was nothing quite so simple. It contained, among other things, wireless connectivity, a transparent video screen and a host of transponders and sensors which responded to various forms of tactile input. Tom called it the Highly Adaptive Friendular System, or HAFS for short. It was meant to be used for what Chris called 'constant contact'. When Tom had first brought it up to show Kandhi (Tom always worked in the basement, even in the shiny new headquarters), her first reaction had been
  • "Who, me? Nah. Im a management consultant. I work in Chelsea mostly, but when I come slumming in Piccadilly, I like to comandeer Arts office. Hes not bad, for a UE-geek."
  • Father wanted a frame barn very much but that was out of his reach. We needed some place to thrash, and to put our grain and hay, and where we could work in wet weather, but to have it was out of the question, so we did the next best thing, went at it and built a substitute. In the first place we cut six large crotches, went about fourteen rods north of the house, across the lane, dug six holes and set the two longest crotches in the center east and west. Then put the four shorter ones, two on the south and two on the north side so as to give the roof a slant. In the crotches we laid three large poles and on these laid small poles and rails, then covered the whole with buckwheat straw for a roof. We cut down straight grained timber, split the logs open and hewed the face and edges of them; we laid them back down on the ground, tight together and made a floor under the straw roof.
  • After the usual scurrying about, Char saw Katlyn off at the school bus. She went back and immediately went back to work in the garage. She knew she had to get this load cleared out because she had another storage auction that afternoon. Heaven knows where she would put the stuff if she won today's auction too!
  • Paul's pitiful "What else can I do, Derrick? I have got to earn some money somehow," completely silenced him; for he knew only too well that in a colliery there is but one employment open to a boy who cannot drive a mule or find work in the mine. Therefore he had promised to try and secure a place for his crippled friend, and had finally succeeded.
  • This was unfortunate, but the risk would have to be taken. And it would not be the only risk. The potion his wizard was to brew, after being secretly administered into Antanyas food or drink, would leave almost no doubt of conception. But it would also be her only child; pregnancies brought about by this method often caused death to the mother during the birthing, and if she did happen to survive, she would be rendered barren. The wizards could not explain why it worked in this manner, with very few even admitting to knowledge of this potion. But Caddigan would do as he was asked; as Judsons royal wizard, he was sworn to obey any command given by his king, and no doubt he saw that it was also in the best interests of Wherry for him to do so. A thousand prayers to the silent Gauvin that Antanya would survive the birth, but they were out of time and the chance had to be taken.
  • Waneusing from their work in the waning light, farmers spoke quietly of american intentions.
  • His best known work in english - the poetics of space - remains a staple on architecture courses everywhere today.
  • I am positive that the Dawsons and Ridgely have made for some obscure point, probably near Lake Superior, and will open up business in the old way, do their work only at night, and I have come on here to ask Dashaway to work in harmony with me.
  • Many Russian scientists and inventors were migrs, like Igor Sikorsky, who built the first airliners and modern-type helicopters; Vladimir Zworykin, often called the father of TV; chemist Ilya Prigogine, noted for his work on dissipative structures and complex systems; Nobel Prize-winning economists Simon Kuznets and Wassily Leontief; physicist Georgiy Gamov (an author of the Big Bang theory) and social scientist Pitirim Sorokin. Many foreigners worked in Russia for a long time, like Leonard Euler and Alfred Nobel.
  • Nonesense! Nothing of the kind! How could there be any danger, any cause for alarm? It was unreal, whatever lay under that first passageway had always been there and it had never done him any harm. The thing to do was to ignore it, let it be, leave well alone and get on with the work in hand.
  • "Indeed there was," returned the lady, with animation; "and not only of men, but of all the Alexandrian notables. It was on the 23rd of February last (1885) that our Institute was opened by Major-General Lennox, V.C., C.B., who was in command of the garrison. This was not the first time by any means that the soldiers had paid us a visit. A number of men, who, like yourself, Sergeant Hardy, sympathise with our work in its spiritual aspects, had been frequently coming to see how we were getting on, and many a pleasant hour's prayer and singing we had enjoyed with them, accompanied by our little harmonium, which had been sent to us by kind friends in England; and every Sunday evening we had had a little service in the midst of the shavings and carpenters' benches.
  • Never mind, Jerry. I think I'll work in toward the shore a bit first, and, anyway, she can't drift upstream. So Jerry went on his way out toward the middle of the dam.
  • The weight of the wand fit me exactly. I felt as if it were a part of me. "A young seeker as magical as one young wizard can get," was written and it was mine. Sorcery was at work in this forest.
  • A sympathetic description of life at Newnham College. After the tripos excitements, some of the students leave their dream-world of study and talk of "cocoas" and debates and athletics to begin their work in the real world. Men students play their part in the story, and in the closing chapters it is suggested that marriage has its place in a girl graduate's life.
  • The stranger had begun to use the labouring tools, and he worked in the garden. When he stopped in his work, as was often the case, he remained retired within himself; but on the engineer's recommendation, they respected the reserve which he apparently wished to keep. If one of the settlers approached him, he drew back, and his chest heaved with sobs, as if overburthened!
  • "The Lord works in mysterious ways," Leland said. "We don't know what He is, or isn't, letting happen, we just know that all things work to the best for those who love Him."
  • Only for a short time, though, did he apply himself to the work in hand. Soon a voice shouted, "Behold a knight of old!" and when the scouts looked around there was Tim with the broom as a sword and a galvanized water bucket over his head. Even Don laughed.
  • Mike faltered a second, overwhelmed with what this meant. He felt for his side arm and realized it sat on the filing cabinet across the room where he had slung it, his jacket, and his keys in his haste to get to work in front of the computer.
  • The locals who had been working in Nicolette's household also had vanished. Her French servants were trembling with terror. Agnes, who loved a man who had gone off with the army, was red-eyed and unable to speak.
  • Our research and development unit for english studies has achieved world renown for its work in corpus linguistics.
  • When Brummy and Swampy came to a shed where shearing was in full swing, they'd inquire, first thing, and with some show of anxiety, if there was any chance of gettin' on; if the shed was full-handed they'd growl about hard times, wonder what the country was coming to; talk of their missuses and kids that they'd left in Sydney, curse the squatters and the Government, and, next morning, get a supply of rations from the cook and depart with looks of gloom. If, on the other hand, there was room in the shed for one or both of them, and the boss told them to go to work in the morning, they'd keep it quiet from the cook if possible, and depart, after breakfast, unostentatiously.
  • The next morning was one of those early summer days when the sky is filled with billowy white clouds, and the air is thick with the buzzing of insects and the smell of weeds. Bubba was puttering around in the garden trying to find enough string beans to have for lunch. He had on a rumpled suit and a tie and was sweating fairly heavily, but he didn't mind. It felt right to himjust like the dirt on his shoes and the way some of the leaves and stalks irritated the skin on the back of his hands. If you work in a garden, you get sweaty and dirty and prickly. To try to have it any other way was silly. Not that he was doing all that much work. It was hard to find beans among all the weeds and vines, but it didn't require a great deal of physical effort.
  • "Not here," replied the leader, smiling at the look of disappointment visible on William's face, which he could twist about in the most comical way ever seen outside of a clown's work in the circus. "To-night we'll make our first regular camp, you know, and that will be time enough to break in."
  • Hi, sweetheart. How ya doing? Sheila, now his girlfriend of all of fifteen months, said as he came in. She was working in the kitchen, chopping onions. She had semi-moved in with him about two months ago, when her landlord raised her rent. Sheila worked at the only decent local restaurant in town as part of the wait staff. She'd been doing it for almost seven years now, and was good at it. She was forty-five, and still reasonably attractive, with streaked blond hair pulled back off her face.
  • I felt a flash of fear at the thought of a month of ten hour shifts here. Three grand on a single shift. The store where I worked in Missouri never pulled in more than two grand cash a day.
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