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work in
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Okunuşu: / wəːk ɪn / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work in
Ekler: works in/worked in/work·ing in


sokuşturmak, araya sıkıştırmak.

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  • She was right to have trusted him, she thought smugly, aware that the intuitive gamble shed taken in giving him the crystal had so far worked in her favour.
  • `So I got a job in a hotel as a cleaner during the week, and I worked in a restaurant kitchen at the weekends, and that's how I got by. It was okay, even if I didn't get out much. Of course I saw my lover some afternoons, but he was away a lot.'
  • Following graduation mike healey worked in rio de janeiro from 1977 to 1981.
  • But, if the youth showed mercy to animals, he was not so considerate of reptiles--especially when they crawled the earth. He detested a serpent with unspeakable disgust, and believed he was doing good work in reducing, as opportunity presented, the noxious pests. His experience with the rattlesnake which caused his wrenched ankle did not lessen this hatred of the species. When, therefore, a warning rattle told him one afternoon that he had disturbed another of the venomous things beside the path, his enmity flared up. No fear of the Shawanoe being caught unawares, as when climbing the wall of the caon, for he had slain too many of the reptiles in his distant home not to understand their nature. Whirlwind, like all of his kind, had a mortal dread of every species of serpents, and he showed his timidity the moment the locust-like whirring sounded from the bush at the side of the path the two were following.
  • He'd be back tonight with the part we need, and we could make home in the moonlight, said Andy, as, with the farmer he headed for the house; "only both of us have promised our folks not to travel at night-time when it can be helped. Even if the moon is bright there's always a risk about landing, because it's a tricky light at the best, and even a little mistake may wreck things. And so Frank will work in the shop tonight, and be along in the morning."
  • The algors began pushing sand from piles into the pit. They worked in a fashion which typified their struggle between acting together and acting alone. At times they moved in orchestrated flows, moving like a single arm directed by one mind. Other times, their coordination broke down. They appeared more like angry bees flying in every direction.
  • Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors seem to work in a similar way to beta-blockers.
  • I struggled up on my feet and proceeded to carry the big vessels to the river bank, where I intended to construct the raft. The effort to take each heavy bottle those few metres seemed almost beyond me in my exhausted state. At last I proceeded to strip the floor of the hut, which had been made with split assahy palms (Euterpe oleracea L.), in order that I might make a frame to which I could fasten the bottles. With a great deal of persuasion I got Filippe and Benedicto to help me. The long pieces of assahy were too heavy for our purpose, and we had the additional trouble of splitting each piece into four. It was most trying work in our worn-out condition. Then we had to go into the forest and collect some small liane, so that we could tie the pieces together, as we had no nails and no rope.
  • Frank worked in silence. His mind was wandering and he missed some of what she was saying. He knew she was upset, and that the best response was to just let her have it out. The trouble was that she got obsessive about it, and would worry one of her mother's slights for a week before becoming offended by something else. "Well," he responded while she sipped on her coffee, "in another century you would have been burned as a witch by now. She's just taking the party line."
  • The sep project work in london will be closely integrated with the themed project working group of the london social economy taskforce.
  • Codac recruits, trains and support community based volunteers to work in the community based volunteers to work in the community with disadvantaged groups and individuals.
  • The noise outside was outrageous. What was it? Could it be robbers? No. Robbers would prefer to do their work in silence. What was it?
  • We've got to risk a light, said he. "If it's turned low, and shaded, maybe they won't learn our whereabouts. But however that may be, we can't work in the dark. It would be too horribly perilous. One false move, one wrong combination, even the addition of one ingredient at the improper moment, and--well--you understand."
  • You needn't bother your head, said the man. "It's I, Lupin. I have been working in the painter's shop since early morning. This is when we knock off for breakfast. So I came upstairs."
  • Centreaps rather than occupy center stage the church should be working in the wings.
  • Despite his bitter disappointment, baird continued his experimental work in color television.
  • Analogueants must be working in a uk higher education institution or academic analog.
  • Now, Fritz was of a mechanical turn of mind, and all day and well into the night he was at work in his shop behind the house. From bits of conversation, the boys gathered that Fritz was engaged in the task of building an aeroplane, and they were greatly interested.
  • Wendy is still around today, and is a true polymath, working in all kinds of creative and scientific fields.
  • "Yes," she said. "Well, I must be going." Arthur watched her leave, wishing for a drink of water. He was fifteen years older than Penn, and Penn was a lot older than Pookie; it was absurd to be jealous. They did make a handsome couple. At least they had the one time they'd driven by in an old Porsche with the top down--Penn talking, his head turned to Pookie. He was still youthful. If anyone could manage a relationship with a big age difference it would be Penn. No doubt he worked in a hospital or a clinic surrounded by women. I forgive myself for giving her a B, Arthur thought. It should have been a C, but he had been unnecessarily cold with her in class. Let it go.
  • You may want to consider asking a local gravedigger who is used to working in graveyards if he could dig the excavation for you.
  • Todays highlights: the editors on the FAAs wasteful staffing at little-used airports; Caroline Baum wonders why were not talking about entitlement reform; Margaret Carlson on the plot to stop Susan Rice; Ezra Klein on using the fiscal cliff as an opportunity; Jonathan Mahler on Ohio States perfect season that doesnt count; Shikha Dalmia on why Canadas immigration quotas would work in the U.S.
  • In these trying circumstances, the chief engineer accepted an offer made by the gentlemen in the ship, to take turn about in superintending the men at work in the tank paying-out the cable.
  • With such considerations at the forefront of a reconnaissance mission, over a dozen Espial agents moved on foot toward pre-coordinated observations points with full surveillance gear. Some worked in pairs, others alone.
  • Before digging into the ice, the captain had to obtain borings, to insure working in the best direction. Long bores were driven into the side walls; but after fifteen meters, the instruments were still impeded by the thickness of those walls. It was futile to attack the ceiling since that surface was the Ice Bank itself, more than 400 meters high. Captain Nemo then bored into the lower surface. There we were separated from the sea by a tenmeter barrier. That's how thick the iceberg was. From this point on, it was an issue of cutting out a piece equal in surface area to the Nautilus's waterline. This meant detaching about 6,500 cubic meters, to dig a hole through which the ship could descend below this tract of ice.
  • So, on the whole, it was well with them, very well; and Patrasche, meeting on the highway or in the public streets the many dogs who toiled from daybreak into nightfall, paid only with blows and curses, and loosened from the shafts with a kick to starve and freeze as best they might-- Patrasche in his heart was very grateful to his fate, and thought it the fairest and the kindliest the world could hold. Though he was often very hungry indeed when he lay down at night; though he had to work in the heats of summer noons and the rasping chills of winter dawns; though his feet were often tender with wounds from the sharp edges of the jagged pavement; though he had to perform tasks beyond his strength and against his nature--yet he was grateful and content: he did his duty with each day, and the eyes that he loved smiled down on him. It was sufficient for Patrasche.
  • The recently rediscovered Soft City was one of the standout works in the 2008 Berlin Biennale, while a Norwegian documentary released last year chronicled his topsy-turvy life.
  • The mood in the castle was tense and uneasy. The departure of the healer, rumored to have actually been a Norman noblewoman, had affected the lord to a troubling degree and no one knew what to do about it. Longsword brooded constantly, rarely spoke and flew off the handle at the slightest incident. The servants worked in silence, his men avoided him and even Teleri remained shut in her chambers, apparently unwilling to cross his path lest she finally lose one of their battles.
  • Eerie atmosphere was there with some good, effective camera work in the woods.
  • A few more minutes went by and Henry was trying to let the conversation come to him, because forcing the action never worked in a conversation with Stewart unless you had both a vagina and a picture in a compromising condition.
  • I didn't know why. I shouldn't feel guilty now. I should feel proud. I imagined they were proud of me, tears of pride. Arrogance can work in your favour if you know when to let it roam free and when to muzzle it.
  • She worked in summer school and Hofstra basketball camp to get back into the swing of things. Sarah Lindman grew up the youngest of four kids to Mike and Deidre Lindman. She had three older brothers that were athletes, so she really has no choice to either blend in or be left behind. Her eldest brother, Gary, was six years older and was an all-state lacrosse player. He went on to star at Syracuse University and has been a successful high school lacrosse coach since graduating.
  • The girls settled down to Craft work in the shack, for they had chosen that as their workroom, on account of the hinged shelves around the walls, which were so convenient to spread work out on. The front wall of the shack, facing the lake, was all windows, which could be lowered, making the room as cool and airy as could be desired.
  • The white is a blue colored budgerigar with a reduction in the color pigment and works in a similar way to the yellows.
  • I expect much of our work in the coming months to focus on making the judicial role better suited to a more diverse judiciary.
  • But the English will not hang you. You and your mates will be treated as prisoners of war, Darrin assured him. "You will be well fed. You will have some amusements. When spring comes you will have gardens to work in and the flowers or vegetables that you raise will belong to you. It is a stupid lie to tell you that the English hang you all. You will soon be on shore, and in an English prison camp, and then you will know that you have been lied to. You will enjoy finding yourself on shore, for you were not often allowed to go ashore when you got back from these trips to take on your next mine cargo at--"
  • Capital! I knew we were not mistaken in you. Now, see here, I see you have something working in your mind. I don't want to even hamper you by asking what it is.
  • I didn't see a cent of money in any of those trades, but I've a thousand dollars laid up, and I'm only working in the railroad shop now, but I'm going into the hardware business. I wish you'd come back and come in with me. There's the store--rent free. We can sell plenty of tools, now that Crofield is booming!
  • I did some work in the morning and then left to take a walk about an hour before lunch. I called Sam from my cell phone and told him to meet me at Callinis at noon. Since I am an educated consumer, I popped into Syms and cruised for some bargains. A few shirts and ties later I walked back to the office and put my purchases down. It was ten minutes before noon, so I went over to Sams desk and told him that I was back. Before he could ask me why I came back, I raced to the bathroom. I took care of my number one business before I splashed some cool water on my face. I looked in the mirror and thought, "Who are you and what have you done with my good friend Ed?"
  • Put to work in 1824 at a blacking factory, a humiliation that was to provide a mainspring for his subsequent ambition.
  • "You do remember me, dont you, Professor Briggs?" he continued. "It was my wife you seduced while I was doing your shit work in the library!"
  • At work in a hole in the ground. Hear the click of their machines? They are turning out silver dollars faster than we can spend them. We hid around until they went to work, then came up to talk with Dode.
  • Whereas those looking to put money to work in the equity markets could simply look at a company's fundamentals and price action then act accordingly, a world where aggressive central bank policy will be at play indefinitely and immeasurably changes the entire landscape.
  • This very sentence about Countess Zubova and this same laugh Prince Andrew had already heard from his wife in the presence of others some five times. He entered the room softly. The little princess, plump and rosy, was sitting in an easy chair with her work in her hands, talking incessantly, repeating Petersburg reminiscences and even phrases. Prince Andrew came up, stroked her hair, and asked if she felt rested after their journey. She answered him and continued her chatter.
  • And, wondering, with the salt sea effervescence working in his inland-born body, he fitted a cork to his fishing line and flung the baited hook far out across the ripples. Then he seated himself on the parapet of the stone bridge and waited for monsters of the deep to come.
  • The aim of work in these areas is to maintain and improve neutron spectrometry and neutron dosimetry capabilities and services.
  • Chahda had experience with Buddhist monasteries dating back to the time when he had worked in Nepal. Also, many Indians were Buddhists. There were some in almost every monastery, and of that number a few could be depended on to speak Hindi, or Hindustani as it was called, which was Chahda's language. He also knew a little Tibetan from his years in Nepal.
  • Xander looked around, noting how his crowd had diminished to the shy little girl and the cook, who was back working in her kitchen. He sighed and stirred his stew morosely.
  • Benjy's eyes twinkled, for he knew that some new device was working in his father's brain, which brain never failed to bring its plans to maturity.
  • It turns out that Elliot has no intention of attaching electrodes to my head, or even confining me to a sheep pen. He's a consummate businessman and is keen to capitalise on my popularity, and to my surprise he invites me to work in the Public Relations department of Foxglove, dealing mainly with the press. He gets a surprise in turn when I launch myself wholeheartedly into my new role. My knowledge of genetics is already substantial, and in the space of a few days I learn everything I can about multinational business in general, and Foxglove Laboratories in particular.
  • "Its justI--A million things. Like, what if Vera gets the police report about the incident, and, and, reads that Brenda did touch the kid, which is against Grab-n-Go rulesOr, yknow, Brenda just decides she doesnt want to work in the "dark" side of town anymoreOr, or shes mad at me for, for…"
  • These piers were constructed by a French firm. The first thing was to manufacture the artificial stone, which was composed of seven parts sand, of which there is a plentiful supply in this vicinity, and one part of hydraulic lime, imported from France. I suppose the latter is something like the cement used in New York in building sewers and drains, or other works in wet places. This concrete was mixed by machinery, then put into immense wooden moulds, just as you make a loaf of sponge cake, Mrs. Blossom, where it was kept for several weeks. These blocks weighed twenty tons each.
  • A Family of Ariranhas--Attacked by them--Three Nasty Rapids--Beautiful Sand Beaches--Exciting Experiences--Going down a Thundering Cataract--Alcides' Narrow Escape--A Night's work in the Midst of a Foaming Rapid in order to rescue the half-submerged Canoe--Filippe's Courage--Visited by a Snake 20 ft. long
  • Nearly 160,000 Ethiopian women went to work in Saudi Arabia in the 12 months ending July 7, more than 10 times the number a year earlier, data from the Ethiopian Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs show. Tens of thousands more migrated illegally, according to the United Nations.
  • The sagacious animal, as if perfectly understanding what was said to him, and what his part of the work in hand was to be, crouched down like a lion in the dark shadows of the dingle, there to wait until he should hear his master's call.
  • We ought to be able to get the boys up here without letting him know that we are in the mine, answered Elmer. "We needn't travel with a fife and drum corps ahead of us, nor even carry any lights down with us. He's probably working in some inside chamber."
  • "I've been in slumber, as you stated, so it's been a long time since I last wrote to her. Now she might fear the worst for me and my whereabouts. I urgently want to tell the others there are less Dark Robes around now, thanks to your amazing, wonderful deed in updating my magic wand. I had no idea you were so old and so great. That's truly sorcerer's magic at work in my presence."
  • Mathematics has since been greatly extended, and there has been a fruitful interaction between mathematics and science, to the benefit of both. Mathematical discoveries continue to be made today. According to Mikhail B. Sevryuk, in the January 2006 issue of the Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, "The number of papers and books included in the Mathematical Reviews database since 1940 (the first year of operation of MR) is now more than 1.9 million, and more than 75 thousand items are added to the database each year. The overwhelming majority of works in this ocean contain new mathematical theorems and their proofs."
  • Present day provision for research work in this country is shockingly inadequate, depending chiefly on the capricious support of private beneficence.
  • It seemed, however, that her poor injured brain had been working in the interval, for when she was quite conscious, she looked at me piercingly with an agonized confusion which I shall never forget, and said, 'I must not deceive myself. It was no dream, but all a grim reality.’ Then her eyes roved round the room. As they caught sight of the two figures sitting patiently on the edge of the bed she went on, 'If I were not sure already, I would know from them.'
  • Somehow it seemed as though the farm had grown richer without making the animals themselves any richer-except, of course, for the pigs and the dogs. Perhaps this was partly because there were so many pigs and so many dogs. It was not that these creatures did not work, after their fashion. There was, as Squealer was never tired of explaining, endless work in the supervision and organisation of the farm. Much of this work was of a kind that the other animals were too ignorant to understand. For example, Squealer told them that the pigs had to expend enormous labours every day upon mysterious things called "files," "reports," "minutes," and "memoranda." These were large sheets of paper which had to be closely covered with writing, and as soon as they were so covered, they were burnt in the furnace. This was of the highest importance for the welfare of the farm, Squealer said. But still, neither pigs nor dogs produced any food by their own labour; and there were very many of them, and their appetites were always good.
  • The slaves remained at the workings from sunrise to sunset, during which time they received two meals. Their food consisted of manioc and plantains. They were given no meat. The gang which was employed in washing, to which Max was attached, worked in chains.
  • Bessie followed him to the door, and when they were outside where none could see she drew from beneath her apron a buckskin cartridge pouch, upon which she had neatly worked in silk the word "BOB" in the centre of a floral design, doubtless the result of many days' labour.
  • Finally Derrick and the mine boss came to a junction of several galleries, a sort of mine cross-roads, and the former was told that this was to be his headquarters, for here was where the trains were made up, and from here the empty cars were distributed. At the farther end of each of the headings leading from this junction two or more miners were at work drilling, blasting, and picking tons of coal from between its enclosing walls of slate. They were all doing their best to fill the cars which it was Derrick's business to haul to the junction and replace with empty ones. There were also a number of miners at work in breasts, or openings at the sides of the gangways that followed the slant of the coal vein, who expected to be supplied with empty cars and have their loaded ones taken away by Derrick. These breast miners filled their cars very quickly, as the moment they loosened the coal it slid down the slaty incline, above which it had been bedded, to a wooden chute on the edge of the gangway that discharged it directly into them.
  • David nods. ‘I agree with you, absolutely. Up-to-dateness is next to godliness, in my book.’ He assumes an innocent look. ‘And as a matter of fact, Ive done some work in watercolours, myself.’
  • Mr Barclay looked wildly from one to the other, asking himself whether all this was some dream. Who were these men? Where the elderly Misses Mimpriss? And what was the meaning of Adela Mimpriss being on such terms with the injured man, who looked as if he had been working in some mine?
  • This was the way General Gordon greeted his boys, when they rode up beside the stump on which he was seated, superintending the negroes who were at work in the field.
  • Left alone with his patients, save his Chinese assistant, Doctor Dick threw off his coat and set to work in earnest to see what he could do for them, and how seriously they were wounded.
  • Eighth Quality of Eloquence: It sometimes happens that in order to make the heart accept Almighty Gods wondrous works in the hereafter and make the mind affirm them, the Quran mentions His amazing works in this world by way of preparation, or it mentions the wondrous Divine works of the future and hereafter in such a way that we acquire firm conviction of them through similar things which we observe here.
  • Most immigrants in Utah worked in the mines and for the railroads, manufacturing parts, loading or unloading supplies and repairing rail lines, among other tasks. Almost any job was acceptable by these hard working immigrants that were just trying to get ahead. As with other immigrant groups of previous eras, working conditions were perilous and the work, back breaking. They worked long hours for little pay and no benefits, which was the very reason why so many working Americans detested their arrival. With so much cheap foreign labor coming into the country, it was highly unrealistic for local laborers to ask for higher wages or try to improve their own working conditions. This was exactly the reason large businesses enticed the foreigners to come to America in the first place.
  • This he proceeded to do rapidly, omitting nothing that seemed of moment. When the meddler's secret work in tampering with their plane before they went up on the night raid was mentioned, the flight lieutenant's eyes flashed with indignation. Being a pilot himself he could appreciate such rank treachery better than any layman could.
  • He talked the owner of the BMW into dropping the charges of theft and claimed thewomanwho accused Jackson of rape had retracted her statement. Apparently, victims of assault often withdrew charges; something Serenity knew all about. On this occasion though, things worked in her favor and she was finally free to live her life without repercussions.
  • Sometimes they are junior hospital doctors ( now reasonably paid ) but nevertheless earning extra by working in their off duty time.
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  • In building the Broken Hill Railway Williams was prompted by two reasons. One was to carry on the Rhodes project; the other was to link up what he believed to be a whole new mineral world to the needs of man. Nor was he working in the dark. Late in the nineties he had sent George Grey, a brother of Sir Edward, now Viscount Grey, through the present Katanga region on a prospecting expedition. Grey discovered large deposits of copper and also tin, lead, iron, coal, platinum, and diamonds. Williams now organized the company known as the Tanganyika Concessions, which became the instigator of Congo copper mining. Subsequently the Union Miniere du Haut Kantanga was formed by leading Belgian colonial capitalists and the Tanganyika Concessions acquired more than forty per cent of its capital. The Union Miniere took over all the concessions and discoveries of the British corporation. The Union Miniere is now the leading industrial institution in the Katanga and its story is really the narrative of a considerable phase of Congo development.
  • Much of my work in this area has been conducted in collaboration with rinaldo poli, and with his former postdoc, kevin smith.
  • We worked in unbroken silence till tea was brought up at four. Viola rose to make it, and I told the girl to get up and move about if she liked, and I set the canvas aside to dry. Viola offered the girl a cup of tea, but she refused it and went and sat under the window on an old couch, leaving us by the table.
  • Those who were in the Army of the Potomac will remember the Signal Telegraph Corps. I do not mean the Military or Morse Corps, but the Signal Telegraph Corps. There were two distinct organizations doing practically the same character of work in the Army of the Potomac. As a natural consequence, these two army telegraph corps were in a state of active, bitter warfare against each other all the time.
  • When morning came and David awoke around eight. They talked about school, his work in metal working was flourishing, Jenny and Kara, His grandma and even how Mark has been doing.
  • Such is a brief description of the tremendous forces which dominate Iceland. Here Nature works in silence for long periods beneath the crust of the earth, and then, with little or no forewarning, bursts forth in uncontrollable fury, ruthlessly devastating with its fiery streams whatever impedes its course.
  • Self-study booklets ] a group project involves working in a team to complete a task.
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  • But nobody had time to see how the other action was progressing, for all were too busy with the work in hand, which was the task of defending their own lives.
  • Last time we visited the mill we met a woman who worked in a textile mill in leeds almost 50 years ago.
  • No longer confined to working in the bedroom, wireless access to the internet has been made available in our hotels.
  • It was a curious thing how the "personality" of the bushes appeared to affect them all. Saltire at his work gave the impression of a fighter concentrating on the defeat of an enemy. Roddy would dance for joy before each staggering bush. The impassivity of the natives departed from them when they stood about the funeral pyres, and clapping of hands and warlike chanting went heavenward with the smoke. Christine and Roddy often lingered to watch these rejoicings; indeed, it was impossible at any time to get the boy past Saltire and his gang without a halt. The English girl, while standing somewhat aloof, would nevertheless not conceal from herself the interest she felt in the forestry man's remarks, not only on the common enemy, but his work in general.
  • "At least I work in a place where theres medical equipment and people savvy with emergencies handy in case anything goes wrong while Im there. And the rest of the time Im usually with you, so Im covered for the most part. Crap, speaking of which I completely forgot about work. What kind of a business owner am I?" Omari shook her head, embarrassed that she hadnt even though about her clinic or her animals back home.
  • His best known work in english - the poetics of space - remains a staple on architecture courses everywhere today.
  • Ten minutes later he left the meeting feeling ten years older but for once he was not disheartened by his age. He had the feeling that hed done rather well, that beneath their confident surface these young people were rather in awe of his age and experience. For once, he thought, the past might just be working in his favour.
  • The pleasant objects which then presented themselves to my view, afforded me some joy, and suspended for a time the deep sorrow with which I was overwhelmed, to find myself in such a condition. My face, hands, and feet, were all tawny and sun-burnt, and by my long journey my shoes and stockings were quite worn out, so that I was forced to walk bare-footed; arid, besides, my clothes were all in rags. I entered into the town to inform myself where I was, and addressed myself to a tailor that was at work in his shop; who, perceiving by my air that I was a person of more note than my outward appearance bespoke me to be, made me sit down by him, and asked me who I was, and from whence I came, and what had brought me thither? I did not conceal any thing of all that had befallen me. nor made I any scruple to discover my quality.
  • To this one of the ponies whinnied softly, and then moved gently to its companion's side, head to tail, bared its big teeth as if to bite, and began to draw them along the lower part of the other's spine, beginning at the root of the tail and rasping away right up to the saddle, while the operatee stretched out its neck and set to work in the same way upon the operator, upon the give-and-take principle, both animals grunting softly and uttering low sounds that could only be compared to bleats or purrs.
  • 'Well,' said Paul, 'I'm afraid that I may have been a little neglectful lately. I have a piece of work in hand which occupies me a great deal. I may, perhaps, be too absorbed in it.'
  • Levin MacHill arrived home from work in the Apartment later that night. He was, indeed, unhappy; though he only heard the story at third or forth hand. Neil Steed had heard it from Barry Mitchell and had told it to Chris Bole. Chris told Levin that his TV had been thrown out a window but didnt say whod done it.
  • Part of his career andrew worked in a range of contracting fields from landfill gas installation to bioremediation.
  • "’Tis calledthe evil.’ A most miraculous work in this good king, which often, since my here-remain in England, I have seen him do! How he solicits heaven, himself best knows. But strangely-visited peopleall swoln and ulcerous, pitiful to the eye, the sheer despair of surgeryhe cures, by hanging a golden stamp about their necks, put on with holy prayers!
  • It took several nights to learn all this, and, as he did not want to take any one into his confidence, he had to work in secret. But, with all his efforts he learned nothing, save that there was something odd about the ship that he could not fathom.
  • Well, Harding, you are to return to Last Chance, and give letters I will write to Landlord Larry, and I wish you to go to work in my service, and secret service it must be, for what you do must be underhand, no one knowing that you are doing else than carrying on your mining as before. I will give you a paper which will protect you, for Major Randall will endorse it officially, and you can use it in case of trouble, or necessity; not otherwise.
  • Though I didn't think they knew just who he was, Hawkins added. "All I knew was that the reward of two thousand was for the head of the smuggling system. So they got him spotted, have they? That means we won't have to work in the dark. It's a wonder the central office wouldn't give a man the whole story when they're about it, instead of lettin' it trickle through. Well, boys, it's time you knew what this smuggling is all about, hey?"
  • "Rather strange call. I imagine one of the high school students doesnt agree with your work in the Divine Comment."
  • "Which is how I got here. Im a member of the Eastern Standard Tribe. Were centered around New York, but were ramified up and down the coast, Boston and Toronto and Philly, a bunch of Montreal Anglos and some wannabes in upstate New York, around Buffalo and Schenectady. I was doing Tribal work in London, serving the Eastern Standard Agenda, working with a couple of Tribesmen, well, one Tribesman and my girlfriend, who I thought was unaffiliated. Turns out, though, that theyre both double agents. They sold out to the Pacific Daylight Tribe, lameass phonies out in LA, slick Silicon Valley bizdev sharks, pseudo hipsters in San Franscarcity. Once I threatened to expose them, they set me up, had me thrown in here."
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