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work in
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Okunuşu: / wəːk ɪn / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work in
Ekler: works in/worked in/work·ing in

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  • Alfonso took several more deep breaths and tried to relax. "Thats another reason I couldnt work in the mines. I get real sick when Im in tight places. I cant breathe. It seems to be getting worse the older I get." He cleared his throat several more times.
  • Mrs. Grant supervised the work in the kitchen, while willing, although not always skilful, hands assisted in the distribution of the refreshments. This was the stage of the evening's entertainment at which the social spirit flowed highest; men and women, boys and girls, sat or stood about in disorganised groups, eating sandwiches, cake and pie, and consuming great cups of hot coffee, the while sharpening their wits at each other's expense and joining as heartily in the laugh when it happened to be at their own.
  • But its hard to leave Salt Spring Island behind. Its easier for George and Sophie because theyre just going to a friends wedding in Toronto, and theyll be back in a week. But I'm getting dropped off to spend the whole summer working in Fort Frances, and even when I get back to the West Coast, it wont be the same. Then, Ill just be visiting Salt Spring instead of living there. Those days, for now, are over.
  • Sespian knew from their files they were all competentthey had to be to work in the Imperial Barracksbut he needed more than competence. He needed someone unlikely to have developed an allegiance to Hollowcrest. A younger man seemed best, and it would be good to have peers his own age with whom to work. Sespian hoped he was not making his choice based on personal feelings instead of logic.
  • I cannot say whether wives working in family businesses were paid a wage or given a share of the takings for their personal use.
  • Admiral nurses are clinical nurse specialists working in the field of dementia care.
  • She stared at his face, some stubble; he probably hadnt shaved that morning. He had a few crows feet, working in the elements. Hed never married, had no children. Hed had her, twice. Did he want her a third time?
  • She has previously worked in teaching, in primary care mental health research and in community psychiatry.
  • "Be at peace," he answered, "for no man has yet measured his own work, and it may be you shall do more than all these. They laboured in their office, and you shall work in yours. But why will you have me tell you what to do?"
  • The students spent a full twelve hours in the fields, working in turn on the plots of several families of close king in turn on the plots of several families of close kin.
  • "Poor little Hans was very anxious to go and work in his garden, for his flowers had not been watered for two days, but he did not like to refuse the Miller, as he was such a good friend to him.
  • Completed which involved study at home and time working in the surgery.
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  • We can't go back now, explained Ned, "and we can't afford to land and wait for day. We can't all stay in the Cibola, and those of us who are landed must be left in a safe place. Our work," he continued turning to Bob, "is in the Tunit Chas Mountains, thirty miles west of here. It seems as if you had to know it. We'll go there to-night and land, if we can, on some isolated and inaccessible plateau. We'll make that our new relief camp and you and Elmer must take charge of it. To-morrow Alan and I will return in the Cibola to our abandoned wagon, bury Buck and bring away such of our stores as may be left. It's going to be a great loss, for I suppose the Indians have stolen everything. If the gasoline is gone it will cut short our work in the mountains."
  • The media is full of reports of minors and women lured from their villages by promises of a good life as maids in the cities. They are often sent by agencies to work in homes in Delhi, and its satellite towns such as Noida and Gurgaon, where they face a myriad of abuses.
  • Aaron listened to the movements next to his room with fear and some distaste. He lay on his bed with Eminem playing softly in the background. The room was dark apart from a lamp shining on the ground. Shuffling, banging, someone running all the way down the stairs, leaving the front door open for hours, someone else still in the room, a party of four, a party of one, music playing in an empty room. Playing music at all hours; keeping him awake. work in Four Star Pizza. Back home, with a pizza. Eating, trying to sleep, going to class half the time. Having pizza and working.
  • "They were tenants and were thrown off the land. The landlord wanted something more profitable. Our place was strip mined for brown coal. Lots of people lost their homes and a living in those days. The countryside changed in one generation. People had to move into the cities and work in shops and factories."
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  • All seemed to be darkness, and the busy gang of armed men about him worked in a silent, furtive way, hurrying their prisoners, of whom, as they all stood together in a kind of yard behind some great gates, there seemed to be about a dozen, some injured, some angry and scowling, and full of complaints and threats now that they were about to be conveyed away; but every angry remonstrance was met by one more severe, and sometimes accompanied by a tap from the butt of a pistol, or a blow given with the hilt or flat of a cutlass.
  • Project Gutenberg(tm) is synonymous with the free distribution of electronic works in formats readable by the widest variety of computers including obsolete, old, middle aged and new computers. It exists because of the efforts of hundreds of volunteers and donations from people in all walks of life.
  • Anna sighed. "Yes," she answered slowly. "I've got ASE certifications on automobiles/light trucks, and I was working on medium and heavy trucks. Lots of work in that area."
  • Experience of working in a parts sales area of a franchised vehicle dealership would be advantageous.
  • Now he was no longer working in the privacy of his own clinic, surrounded by gleaming machinery and watched over by his glorious friend, the other Napoleon, the one who had been the REAL victor at Waterloo, no matter what the biased media curs said.
  • The blacksmith then went to work in earnest: and meanwhile Mary, at the house, was receiving the congratulations of her friends. "Why, Mary Ogden, my dear! Are you here?" exclaimed Miss Glidden. "I'm so glad! I'm sure I did all I could for you." "My dear Mary!" exclaimed another. And Mary shook hands heartily with both her callers, and expressed her gratitude to Miss Glidden.
  • Breakfast was just over when a boat was seen pulling towards us; she evidently belonged to the brigantine. The guns had been secured, the small arms placed out of sight, and the awning having been rigged, Mary and Fanny were on deck seated with their work in their hands. Presently the boat came alongside, and the skipper whom we had seen the previous evening stepped on deck. Harry received him politely, and begged to know the cause to which he was indebted for a visit from him.
  • The short, black-haired Highlander was working in his garden, and came forward to greet his visitors with true Gaelic courtesy.
  • Thence we took the Chicago road which brought us to Dearbornville. From there the timber had been cut for a road one mile south. On this road father did his first road work in Michigan and here afterwards I helped to move the logs out. The road-master, Mr. Smith, was not willing to allow full time, for my work; however I put in part time. Little did I think that here, one mile from Dearbornville, father would, afterwards, buy a farm, build a large brick house, and end his days, in peace and plenty.
  • The white is a blue colored budgerigar with a reduction in the color pigment and works in a similar way to the yellows.
  • With that perversity which sometimes afflicts the issues of deep-laid schemes, the end of the drift on the creek by the scrub was reached several days sooner than was expected, and when the labour of an entire morning resulted in nothing, Palmer Billy grew impatient, and said it was a visitation upon them for working in the holiday season. He told the others they could stay, if they liked, but he was off to give the festivities at Birralong the benefit of his vocal art. Peters and Tony fell in with the proposal, and started off without giving Walker time to get ahead of them and warn Gleeson to keep out of sight.
  • Chaplain Eaton entered immediately upon the discharge of his duties. Many division and brigade commanders threw obstacles in his way, and were very slow to comply with General Grant's order. Some of the officers of the Commissary Department made every possible delay in filling Chaplain Eaton's requisitions. The people of the vicinity laughed at the experiment, and prophesied speedy and complete failure. They endeavored to insure a failure by stealing the horses and mules, and disabling the machinery which Chaplain Eaton was using. Failing in this, they organized guerrilla parties, and attempted to frighten the negroes from working in the field. They only desisted from this enterprise when some of their number were killed.
  • Falk went home that night withrdrawn and sombre but still he did not lay his burdens upon Belessa and Aldwyn for they had enough to bear of their own. That day working at the local stores was the last day Falk would work in the village.
  • My dear daughter: Nothing could please me more than your request to take the last two years of your high school work in the public school instead of at Miss Russell's, although I must say your mother made a considerable fuss at first on account of the various classes of girls you would be thrown with. However, she thought better of the plan when she heard that your little friend Sahwah is a Brewster of the Samuel Brewsters, and this Hinpoha person you are so fond of is Judge Bradford's granddaughter. As long as Miss Kent is a teacher in the High School and takes such an interest in you there is no objection on our part to your going on to school in the company of your new friends. You are old enough to choose your companions, so from now on it's going to be 'up to you.'"
  • Neither Brad nor the French brothers knew the Simpsons as a family. They all knew the dad, Bud, who worked in Tibbet's Machine shop which was the local sweat shop in Wilmet. Elinor Simpson was an only child and a senior at Wilmet High.
  • "Hes working in the stables, but under heavy watch, Master Pyp, especially after he tried to get to you in the cellar and then pulled a series of pranks on Avaritus when he failed. Avaritus was all for having him killed, but me and Daphne convinced him to watch the boy closely. I had a talk with young Maro about behaving himself. But dont worry Master Pyp! I see to it that hes well-fed and taken care of."
  • It was a bloody shame; the servant thought, that the old Viscount had waited so long to do right by him. All the servants knew him and his mother. The Viscount had him schooled well, sent him to Greece, where his grandfather on his mother side, lived, and where it was said the master worked in a common fishing village, whilst making his own income, casting his nets in the sea, and painting or drawing.
  • Our three main strands of work in the current quinquennium are all natural progressions from previous interests and activities.
  • I have now left the industry thankfully and work in a virtually unregulated environment, in an almost paperless office.
  • Balashev found Davout seated on a barrel in the shed of a peasant's hut, writing--he was auditing accounts. Better quarters could have been found him, but Marshal Davout was one of those men who purposely put themselves in most depressing conditions to have a justification for being gloomy. For the same reason they are always hard at work and in a hurry. "How can I think of the bright side of life when, as you see, I am sitting on a barrel and working in a dirty shed?" the expression of his face seemed to say. The chief pleasure and necessity of such men, when they encounter anyone who shows animation, is to flaunt their own dreary, persistent activity. Davout allowed himself that pleasure when Balashev was brought in. He became still more absorbed in his task when the Russian general entered, and after glancing over his spectacles at Balashev's face, which was animated by the beauty of the morning and by his talk with Murat, he did not rise or even stir, but scowled still more and sneered malevolently.
  • Brick and Hamp undertook the contract, and, by following Jerry's instructions, they completed the work in a very few minutes. Then they dragged a big log down the ravine and put it on the fire.
  • "Drink the coffee, Senor Bond. It is the very best in the world. You should know, senor, that before coming to Cuba to work in the sugar mills I lived in Colombia. The coffee of my native land is guarded by friendly shade trees on Andes mountains and only the most worthy aged beans and the finest green beans are ..."
  • During the short time that remained of the term Rupert got on better than he had expected. While the examination was going on Easton invited him to do his work in his private study, gave him his advice as to the passages likely to be set, and coached him up in difficult points, and he came out higher in his form than he had expected to do.
  • "I over see our P.I. lab in Washington. For the most part I stay out of the labs. They creep me out, especially the experimental ones." He shook his head at some thought he must have had. "I mostly work in the field, overseeing the majority of our investigations. Usually my cases involve horrific deaths that have been suspected to be of the paranormal persuasion."
  • Now that he no longer looked at her, Colina could not help watching him. A dangerous softness began to work in her breast; he was so boyish, so clumsy, so anxious to entertain her fittingly his unconsciousness of her nearness was such a transparent assumption.
  • "For three weeks I worked in the warehouse of Henry Dubineau, the largest importer of French and Italian wines to England. He also owns a chunk of the East India Company and some French stocks in a company that wants to build a canal somewhere..."
  • We might have reached Peking without our presence in the country being known to our enemies, Ned said, "but that was not the idea of the Washington people. I have already explained to the boys that we were to do our real work in identifying the man we want while on the way."
  • It was a pretty slow afternoon. I was lucky. It was the middle of a work week. Most people were still at work in the early afternoon. Kids were not out of school yet, scavenging for sugar.
  • I am not an old man, Peter, said my father, when I spoke to him on the subject, "and I have, I hope, still many useful years' work in me. I have always been a fisherman. My father was a fisherman, and so was his father before him. Fishing is the only work I understand. It is honest work. Why then should I live in idleness upon thy bounty, when I can still play my part in the world?"
  • In building the Broken Hill Railway Williams was prompted by two reasons. One was to carry on the Rhodes project; the other was to link up what he believed to be a whole new mineral world to the needs of man. Nor was he working in the dark. Late in the nineties he had sent George Grey, a brother of Sir Edward, now Viscount Grey, through the present Katanga region on a prospecting expedition. Grey discovered large deposits of copper and also tin, lead, iron, coal, platinum, and diamonds. Williams now organized the company known as the Tanganyika Concessions, which became the instigator of Congo copper mining. Subsequently the Union Miniere du Haut Kantanga was formed by leading Belgian colonial capitalists and the Tanganyika Concessions acquired more than forty per cent of its capital. The Union Miniere took over all the concessions and discoveries of the British corporation. The Union Miniere is now the leading industrial institution in the Katanga and its story is really the narrative of a considerable phase of Congo development.
  • "In the meantime, you need to pull your raggedy-ass together, get in that pulpit, and realize whose thumb you're under. Don't try and skip out on me. You cant go nowhere that I cant find you. And when I do, youll take that eternal dirt-nap. Me and the Lord work in mysterious ways. Now get out! Oh, one more thing . . . Welcome back to the ministry."
  • Part of his career andrew worked in a range of contracting fields from landfill gas installation to bioremediation.
  • When Peacock wrote his attack on Poetry, he had, only two years before, produced a poem of his own--"Rhododaphne"--with a Greek fancy of the true and the false love daintily worked out. It was his chief work in verse, and gave much pleasure to a few, among them his friend Shelley. But he felt that, as the world went, he was not strong enough to help it by his singing, so he confined his writing to the novels, in which he could speak his mind in his own way, while doing his duty by his country in the East India House, where he obtained a post in 1818. From 1836 to 1856, when he retired on a pension, he was Examiner of India Correspondence. Peacock died in 1866, aged eighty-one.
  • "Hold on - I thought you needed to be qualified to work in that industry?" When we were in Forks, Jacob had told me that he wanted to do his automotive certificate one day.
  • Inkoosi, he said, when he had scraped away the tears produced by the snuff, "I have come to ask you a favour. You heard Umbezi say to-day that he will not give me his daughter, Mameena, unless I give him a hundred head of cows. Now, I have not got the cattle, and I cannot earn them by work in many years. Therefore I must take them from a certain tribe I know which is at war with the Zulus. But this I cannot do unless I have a gun. If I had a good gun, Inkoosi--one that only goes off when it is asked, and not of its own fancy, I who have some name could persuade a number of men whom I know, who once were servants of my father, or their sons, to be my companions in this venture."
  • Peter coltman, trustee peter read english at cambridge, then worked in educational television production at home and abroad.
  • Therefore, since the Glorious and Munificent Lord of All Dominion is all-generous, He bestows a wage on them during their work in order to give a share to their souls.
  • And when the course of the stream is changed, went on his chief, "there is no reason why the old herb doctor cannot resume work in his cave if he wants to. It will be safe then."
  • But Thad was satisfied that they were going to escape, for the main body of fire had already gone rushing away before the wind. Only straggling trailers worked in behind the pond, and they were already feeling the effect of the rain that was now falling heavily, though at other places it must have taken the form of snow.
  • Sam turned around, smirked at the girls, and said, "Yeah, I know that girl. Her name is Sarah and she works in the Bond Department."
  • "Derivative Work" means a work based upon the Work or upon the Work and other pre-existing works, such as a translation, musical arrangement, dramatization, fictionalization, motion picture version, sound recording, art reproduction, abridgment, condensation, or any other form in which the Work may be recast, transformed, or adapted, except that a work that constitutes a Collective Work will not be considered a Derivative Work for the purpose of this License. For the avoidance of doubt, where the Work is a musical composition or sound recording, the synchronization of the work in timed-relation with a moving image ("synching") will be considered a Derivative Work for the purpose of this License.
  • Though the rest of the crew ill-treated Mark and me, and Tom also when they had the chance, the captain and officers tyrannised over them in the most brutal fashion. It was no unusual occurrence for the first mate to heave a handspike at one of the men when he did not go about his work in a way to please him, and both captain and mates swore at the men on all occasions in the most fearful way.
  • Paginatef my friends working in other firms spent their training photocopying or paginating trial bundles.
  • "I've got to work in the morning. Were you going out with Larry?" It didn't matter to Geena whether James stayed out all night or was home by six. They still had times together and when he was away from her side, she felt in her heart she could trust him.
  • But it was no time just then for cogitation, the moment for decisive action had arrived, and I forthwith took the necessary steps to enable our party to do their share of the work in hand.
  • Next morning Frank and his friends went out to choose their claim. As we have said, the Bigbear Gully was not at that time generally known. A comparatively small number of diggers had set to work in it, and they were careful to avoid giving much information to "prospecting," or searching parties, because they knew that if the richness of the soil were known, there would be a general rush to it from all quarters. There was therefore no lack of unoccupied ground.
  • I told you I do not think that heresy is any longer a danger, said Louis. "I will not inflict more misery on my own people. I permit the Inquisition to do its work in France. That is enough."
  • Since then I have written well over three filing cabinets full of book forewords, with more work in the wings. It's funny how life can pull a detour sign out from behind its back and send you down a two-lane country road in the middle of nowhere. But I really can't complain. Oh, I've still never been able to finish that novel I started - the one about aliens living among us, intended to fix some of the problems with the movie we saw as teenagers - but there's always a desire to make room for a good story.
  • Applied linguists work in french, german, russian, spanish, and ukrainian.
  • There was moment of silence as the two of them glared at each other. Robbie was angered by that statement; they always argued about working in the fields. Robbie thought sometimes that Jamie was being unreasonable about refusing to follow Wesleys orders, but then again he understood him as well. It was Jamies way of surviving and just because Robbie didnt agree with him, it didnt mean he had any right to criticize.
  • Women who were already working in a reserved occupation, such as railroad clerks, were exempt.
  • "Almost completed, I think," she replied. "You did good work in Ilas; King Lupe was generous in his praise of us, which seems to have turned the tide in favour of our proposition. It seems as if Prince Patrizio will agree to send his second-youngest son Prince Caspar to Jovan, on the understanding that if both he and my sister are amenable to it, they will be married."
  • We made up our minds to separate, one party to work north from where we were standing; one to work south from the Gingham Ground, and the others to work in between, to see if we could find where he had left the road.
  • Aided by an army officer, to whom the boys had recommended themselves, not only by reason of their rank, but because of their good work in the emergency, they found a man who was in charge of all three buildings as a renting agent. Fortunately he had his books, which he had saved from the wreck.
  • The Nautilus had been for weeks upon the station, and so far all her efforts had proved vain. But now very definite information of the sailing of a large schooner from Palm River had been obtained, and everyone on board was in a most profound state of excitement. The night-glasses were being used, and as the vessel cruised to and fro off the mouth of the river, it did not seem possible for a fishing-boat to get away, leave alone a large schooner. This would be sure not to leave the river till the turn of the tide, two hours after dark, when she was expected to drop down with her cargo of unfortunates, collected at a kind of stockade by a black chief, who was supposed to be working in collusion with a merchant, whose store up the river had been ostensibly started for dealing in palm oil, ivory and gold dust with the above chief, a gentleman rejoicing in the name of Quoshay Dooni.
  • "I can manage." Robbie stated firmly. And he could for he hadnt been denied food for the past four years. He had obeyed his older brother and worked in the fields and the kitchen gardens right along with the other tenant farmers and servants. He may have only been twelve years old, but he was a goodly-sized boy with a healthy, sound body.
  • What if they ruled against me? What if I was forced to join the evil that worked in here? Their spells were endless and powerful. The power of the dark magic was cunning and treacherous. It might overcome me.
  • The British administration, which began with Sir Robert Farquhar as Governor, was followed by rapid social and economic changes. Slavery was abolished in 1835. The planters received two million pounds sterling in compensation for the loss of their slaves who had been imported from Africa and Madagascar during the French occupation. The abolition of slavery had important repercussions on the socio-economic and demographic fields. The planters brought large number of indentured labourers from India to work in the sugar cane fields. Between 1834 and 1921, around half a million indentured labourers were present on the island. They worked on sugar estates, factories, in transport and construction sites. Additionally, the British brought 8,740 Indian soldiers to the islands.
  • "He is in a much stronger position now and hes acting like it," said Paul Begala, a Democratic communications strategist who worked in President Bill Clintons White House. "This is a very different negotiating position than last time."
  • Dantes was confused and silent at this explanation of the thoughts which had unconsciously been working in his mind, or rather soul; for there are two distinct sorts of ideas, those that proceed from the head and those that emanate from the heart.
  • Emla saw tears on Shans round cheeks. The girl adored her mistress, and was distressed that Emla had done what Shan saw as menial work in bathing the men and getting them clean. She took Shans face between her slender hands and held her still.
  • Donald campbell, a child, adolescent and adult psychoanalyst, works in the national health service and in private practice.
  • By the age of 12, he was working in the family business, pushing a handcart around hyde, selling ice cream.
  • I struggled up on my feet and proceeded to carry the big vessels to the river bank, where I intended to construct the raft. The effort to take each heavy bottle those few metres seemed almost beyond me in my exhausted state. At last I proceeded to strip the floor of the hut, which had been made with split assahy palms (Euterpe oleracea L.), in order that I might make a frame to which I could fasten the bottles. With a great deal of persuasion I got Filippe and Benedicto to help me. The long pieces of assahy were too heavy for our purpose, and we had the additional trouble of splitting each piece into four. It was most trying work in our worn-out condition. Then we had to go into the forest and collect some small liane, so that we could tie the pieces together, as we had no nails and no rope.
  • Rather, the other replied. "I'm going to work in the Bureau. As a matter of fact, I'm just going to Washington to get my appointment now."
  • "I saw that this could work in my favor. I told her that I would return to the Colonel with her once the wounds were healed. This would serve two purposes. First, she would use a spell or poultice that would work quickly. I truly felt that the Sergeant had not much longer to live. Secondly, her ego would ensure that I was taken straight to the Colonel. In her mind this would prove to the knighthood that she was better than they."
  • After returning from Guatemala City, Raven was convinced that getting into the Canadian Museum of Civilizations collections was going to be the easiest of the four jobs. The Canadians were polite and easy going. Always willing to accommodate you and not the least bit paranoid. Perhaps a bit too trustworthy, but Raven knew that was going to work in his favor.
  • Disqualifyme cases the pct can apply for that contractor to be nationally disqualified from working in that role.
  • Many people are already used to district council employed parking attendants who work in off-street car parks.
  • Scarce a day passed without large gangs of convicts being overtaken on the road. For some distance Godfrey suffered terribly from mosquitoes, which swarmed so thickly that the peasants working in the fields were obliged to wear black veils over their faces. Fortunately he had been warned by his guard at Atchinsk that there would be trouble with these pests on further, and the man had, at his request, bought for him a few yards of muslin, under which they sat during the day and spread over the telega at night. It was, however, a long and dreary journey, and Godfrey was heartily glad when at last they saw the domes of Irkoutsk, a city of fifty thousand inhabitants.
  • Yes; he is at work in his library, but he expects you, sir, replied the valet. The stranger ascended a rough staircase, and before a table, illumined by a lamp whose light was concentrated by a large shade while the rest of the apartment was in partial darkness, he perceived the abbe in a monk's dress, with a cowl on his head such as was used by learned men of the Middle Ages. "Have I the honor of addressing the Abbe Busoni?" asked the visitor.
  • Frank worked in silence. His mind was wandering and he missed some of what she was saying. He knew she was upset, and that the best response was to just let her have it out. The trouble was that she got obsessive about it, and would worry one of her mother's slights for a week before becoming offended by something else. "Well," he responded while she sipped on her coffee, "in another century you would have been burned as a witch by now. She's just taking the party line."
  • After this, while at work in the race, we all kept a sharp lookout, and in the course of three or four days we had picked up about three ounces, our work going on the same as usual; for none of us at that time imagined that the whole country was sown with gold. If we had--that mill sure would never have been completed, and Marshall smiled a little bitterly.
  • "No way. Not with the kind of mood youre in. I want to make it to work in one piece. And on time for that matter. Knowing you, youll want to go off on some joy ride," Naomi said.
  • 1.E.6. You may convert to and distribute this work in any binary, compressed, marked up, nonproprietary or proprietary form, including any word processing or hypertext form. However, if you provide access to or distribute copies of a Project Gutenberg-tm work in a format other than "Plain Vanilla ASCII" or other format used in the official version posted on the official Project Gutenberg-tm web site (www.gutenberg.net), you must, at no additional cost, fee or expense to the user, provide a copy, a means of exporting a copy, or a means of obtaining a copy upon request, of the work in its original "Plain Vanilla ASCII" or other form. Any alternate format must include the full Project Gutenberg-tm License as specified in paragraph 1.E.1.
  • I was going to say, said Cameron in a tone loud and deliberate, "that I had been employed with the general copying work in a writer's office."
  • The spread works in a similar fashion to how a market maker in the cash market operates.
  • No, indeed. There I should have to work in an office in London, which would be very dull, while here my work is light, I have amusements, and I have my friends here.
  • Jaye is also the author of a romantic suspense, aces, and has additional works in progress.
  • He was co-founder / director of project north east - an innovative british NGO which has now worked in 40 countries. www.pne.org.
  • He subsequently worked in venice, and for the great bibliophile federigo da montefeltro at urbino.
  • This would give the prisoners time to get a brief but much needed rest after their long and miserable journey from Perm, penned up like sheep in iron-barred cattle trucks, and it would leave the drowsiest part of the night, from four o'clock to sunrise, for the hazardous work in hand.
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