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work in
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Okunuşu: / wəːk ɪn / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work in
Ekler: works in/worked in/work·ing in


sokuşturmak, araya sıkıştırmak.

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  • Retief, having entered the Natal district with his party, decided after some time to visit the residence of the Zulu chief, in order to negotiate a treaty of peace, and, if possible, to obtain from him a grant or sale of land. An English missionary, Mr Owen, was resident at the kraal of Dingaan, and believed he had so influenced the mind of the monarch that a friendly reception would be given to the Dutchmen. The mind of a savage despot is, however, very intricate, and neither Retief nor the missionary had any idea of the plot that was working in the chief's mind. After having welcomed Retief and his party, Dingaan agreed to yield a large portion of land to his friends, the white men, when they had proved themselves friends, and they were to prove their friendship by retaking from Sikonyella a quantity of cattle which this chief, a Mantatee, had captured from the Zulus.
  • Likewise, we do not have precise data suggesting that all geniuses have worked in good service of the people. Nobody could argue that 20th century political leaders such as Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler were mentally slow or lacked intelligence, but they are known symbols of repressive and totalitarian regimes in history. Napoleon was a genius; so was Mao. However, it is not their impressive performance in military and political affairs we base our judgments on but rather the effects of their morals and ethics on their people and the world. Did they bring happiness to the people they governed? Did they rule the hearts of the people or did they intimidate their subjects?
  • We wasted an entire day trying to find a way to take the canoe over the hills, as we did not dare risk sending her down by water. My men were positively disheartened and on the verge of revolt, as they contended that it was all my fault that I had taken them to a diabolical place like that. I plainly told them that if I gave them such high wages it was because I knew there was a great deal of risk, as I had explained to them at the beginning of the expedition, and I expected them to do some hard work in return.
  • "The Lord works in mysterious ways," Leland said. "We don't know what He is, or isn't, letting happen, we just know that all things work to the best for those who love Him."
  • There are now some 12,000 people working in commercial horticulture.
  • "Uh, yeah," she said dryly. "While we were having dinner, Emily asked everyone to tell a little about what they'd been doing. Jennlynn said she's an engineer with some company out in Phoenix and runs her air charter business as a sideline. She has a retired general as a chief pilot. Then she said her parents threw her out on her ass in 1990, so to get through Caltech and part time ever since she's worked in Nevada as a licensed prostitute."
  • Well, glad we got all of that out of the way, because things would just be too awkward otherwise. I am not known for my ability to let things go. "Where did you get the blood from? Oh dear God! You work in the E.R! Do you drain helpless patients?"
  • The noble Newfoundland did not require to be told what to do. It seems a natural instinct in this sagacious species of dog to save man or beast that chances to be struggling in the water, and many are the authentic stories related of Newfoundland dogs saving life in cases of shipwreck. Indeed, they are regularly trained to the work in some countries, and nobly, fearlessly, disinterestedly, do they discharge their trust, often in the midst of appalling dangers. Crusoe sprang from the bank with such impetus that his broad chest ploughed up the water like the bow of a boat, and the energetic workings of his muscles were indicated by the force of each successive propulsion as he shot ahead.
  • "You know," he frowned, "Ive heard that before, and I think I can tell you, at least, that it pisses me off. I mean, personally. I mean, my moms folks are Swedish, they came to this country about 1910, broke their butts cutting timber up in the north woods to make a living. Dads folks are Czechoslovakian and they came about the same time. My granddad and his dad worked in the Chicago stockyards. They all came to this country with hardly a dime to their names, and had to work their asses off. Theres no way in hell any of my ancestors could have had anything to do with slavery, by an ocean and half a century."
  • Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors seem to work in a similar way to beta-blockers.
  • It always takes Alan at least five or six holes just to be present with me on the same golf course. We both worked in Manhattan and usually got a half day at least once a month on Fridays. However, the mad dash home seemed to impact Alan a lot more than it did me. I used my train time to slow down my roll and get into full weekend mode. This meant leaving behind all of the pressure and anxiety of the workweek.
  • Much of my work in this area has been conducted in collaboration with rinaldo poli, and with his former postdoc, kevin smith.
  • The recently rediscovered Soft City was one of the standout works in the 2008 Berlin Biennale, while a Norwegian documentary released last year chronicled his topsy-turvy life.
  • "We're not certain how, but Enoch took control of his bodily functions. He stopped the bleeding and, afterward, found it easier to continue healing himself. He communicated directly with his formerly subconscious mind, which then became his alter-consciousness. He learned exactly what his body needed to repair itself, and working in concert with his alter-consciousness, he made himself anew," she continued.
  • About this time a glimmer of the truth began to work in upon Thad's brain. He realized in the first place that no ordinary bear of the wild woods would act in this remarkable fashion. No doubt, had it ventured into the camp at all, it would have come on all four legs, "woofing" its displeasure that human beings had disturbed the loneliness of its haunts.
  • "Little," muttered Lille. "Ill give you little. And dont call me a thing, Im your better half and you know it." Her fingertips hovered over the wound, working in and out, meshing the edges of the wound together a millimeter at a time. Bits of dried blood flaked off and turned to lint before they hit the ground.
  • While at Cortland, she majored in health education and minored in sports management. SUNY Cortland was a veritable sports factory and many players went on to be major players in the sports world after graduation. Sarah worked for the Albany Yankees and then wall called up to the big club in the Bronx during her four years after Cortland. But working in the clubs public relations department was a far stretch from what she really envisioned for her career.
  • "Well, look at that!" As they watched, dozens of pixies all working in a co-ordinated effort, were running a very weird pumping system. It was actually a large bag in the shape of a cube, made of some sort of tough material and apparently coated with a substance to make it air-proof. The flat roof was stitched to a heavy bamboo frame as was the floor of the cube. The floor was secured to the ground by means of heavy rocks weighing down the perimeter of the bottom frame. The roof frame also had smaller rocks piled on top. This roof was attached to a rope hoisted over a pulley hung from a large tree. As the rope was being pulled up and down by dozens of volunteers, this caused a pumping action, like the bellows used by a blacksmith. As the roof lifted the bag expanded, and swamp gas was sucked in through a nozzle at the bottom of the bag. When the ropes went slack, the stones on the roof of the bag flattened it, to expel the gas under pressure through some contraption attached to the inlet of one of the gas bottles.
  • Oh, that's Georgy Vane. She's awful fun. 'Dear old Dolly,--So you've brought it off. Hearty congrats. I thought you were going to be silly and throw away--' There's nothing else there, Mr. Carter. Look here. Listen to this. It's from Uncle William. He's a clergyman, you know. 'My dear Niece,--I have heard with great gratification of your engagement. Your aunt and I unite in all good wishes. I recollect Lord Mickleham's father when I had a curacy near Worcester. He was a regular attendant at church and a supporter of all good works in the diocese. If only his son takes after him (fancy Archie!) You have secured a prize. I hope you have a proper sense of the responsibilities you are undertaking. Marriage affords no small opportunities, it also entails certain trials--'
  • Social pedagogues work in a way that combines social care and education.
  • He wondered about that woman. She was a brunette with a helmet cut and glasses, didn't wear much make up. He took her to the movies twice. She talked about the off-Broadway plays she had been to. She considered Broadway shows to be extravaganzas, not theater. She had never married, and never intended to, she told him. She worked in a library somewhere in Nassau County. Billy never found out whether she was a clerk on the patrons' desk or a real librarian.
  • My idea is, rejoined Herode, "to stop at the first village we come to and give an entertainment. All work in the fields is at a standstill now, and the peasants are idle in consequence; they will be only too delighted at the prospect of a little amusement. Somebody will let us have his barn for our theatre, and Scapin shall go round the town beating the drum, and announcing our programme, adding this important clause, that all those who cannot pay for their places in money may do so in provisions. A fowl, a ham, or a jug of wine, will secure a seat in the first row; a pair of pigeons, a dozen eggs, or a loaf of bread, in the second, and so on down. Peasants are proverbially stingy with their money, but will be liberal enough with their provisions; and though our purse will not be replenished, our larder will, which is equally important, since our very lives depend upon it.
  • Rupert and Sylvia were the only two who did not suffer from seasickness, but, as Sylvia remarked, it was not all fun being immune, because they had such hard work in waiting upon the others. However, the end of the week found them all upon their feet again, and very much disposed to enjoy the novelty of life at sea.
  • The pleasant objects which then presented themselves to my view, afforded me some joy, and suspended for a time the deep sorrow with which I was overwhelmed, to find myself in such a condition. My face, hands, and feet, were all tawny and sun-burnt, and by my long journey my shoes and stockings were quite worn out, so that I was forced to walk bare-footed; arid, besides, my clothes were all in rags. I entered into the town to inform myself where I was, and addressed myself to a tailor that was at work in his shop; who, perceiving by my air that I was a person of more note than my outward appearance bespoke me to be, made me sit down by him, and asked me who I was, and from whence I came, and what had brought me thither? I did not conceal any thing of all that had befallen me. nor made I any scruple to discover my quality.
  • Only for a short time, though, did he apply himself to the work in hand. Soon a voice shouted, "Behold a knight of old!" and when the scouts looked around there was Tim with the broom as a sword and a galvanized water bucket over his head. Even Don laughed.
  • "Derivative Work" means a work based upon the Work or upon the Work and other pre-existing works, such as a translation, musical arrangement, dramatization, fictionalization, motion picture version, sound recording, art reproduction, abridgment, condensation, or any other form in which the Work may be recast, transformed, or adapted, except that a work that constitutes a Collective Work will not be considered a Derivative Work for the purpose of this License. For the avoidance of doubt, where the Work is a musical composition or sound recording, the synchronization of the work in timed-relation with a moving image ("synching") will be considered a Derivative Work for the purpose of this License.
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  • Now, said he, and smiled, "now a nice little pile of dead wood on the beach, a curl of birch-bark and a handful of pine punk and grass--a touch of the flint and steel! Then this," and he pointed at the maskalonge, "broiled on a pointed stick, with a handful of checkerberries for dessert, and I think you and I will be about ready to begin work in earnest!"
  • Every camp needs support -- people to cook food, wash clothes, and provide sex. Because the Russians detested the Sacker of Kiev, only the most desperate or those who supported the Empire worked in the Mongol camp. Or so Billy told himself.
  • After breakfast next morning Foster asked the hotel porter to take his knapsack to the station and get him a ticket to Carlisle. He must leave a clew for Daly, who might come back to Hawick when he failed to find him in Annandale but would be badly puzzled if he went to Carlisle, because it was an important railway center, where one would have a choice of several different routes. This would give Foster a few quiet days, after which he must think of a way of inducing Daly to resume the chase. The latter probably thought he was following Lawrence, and if he did not, no doubt concluded that Foster was working in concert with him, and to find one would help him to deal with the other.
  • Then to an engineer officer he described the position of the old and newly-erected works at Cairo, saying that the latter were intended solely to overawe the town, and that some of them were open works in the rear, although no doubt they would be much strengthened, and some of the guns turned outward, as soon as news was received of the landing of the British army. He pointed out that many of the guns must, however, be retained in their present position, in case the population should rise as soon as the army approached, and that the guns were in most cases small, as the French had brought no battering-train with them.
  • I have been here for three months, explained Jetson, smiling, "doing some work to assist the naval attach of this Embassy, Commander Tupper. I have had three months of the hardest work in this old capital, but now, confound it, my work here has ended and I'm ordered to join my ship. The bridge and the quarter-deck are places of boredom to a fellow who has seen what I've seen here. Why, I've even made two trips up to the front--one of them to Verdun."
  • Raoul was born in Brazzaville and has a background working in education at the Marien Ngouabi University in Brazzaville. She was married to General Alfred Raoul prior to the latter's death. From 1998 to 2002, she was a member of the National Transitional Council (CNT), the interim parliament that existed during the transitional period which followed the 1997 civil war. Her writings include Alternative Strategies to Fight Against Poverty in Congo (Strategies alternatives de lutte contre la pauvrete au Congo), published in 2000.
  • It was a pretty slow afternoon. I was lucky. It was the middle of a work week. Most people were still at work in the early afternoon. Kids were not out of school yet, scavenging for sugar.
  • The algors began pushing sand from piles into the pit. They worked in a fashion which typified their struggle between acting together and acting alone. At times they moved in orchestrated flows, moving like a single arm directed by one mind. Other times, their coordination broke down. They appeared more like angry bees flying in every direction.
  • Now, me laddy, we must emigrate, as there ain't anything to be gained by loafing round here, as the gals used to tell the chaps when they tried to cut me out. The first thing to larn is whether the hoss that I lift some distance away is still there cropping the grass. If he is, then we shall have small work in making our way back to New Boston; but if he has emigrated ahead of us thar, we must hunt for others.
  • That mischief had been intended was obvious, for a piece of iron wire, bright as if cut with nippers at one end and broken off short at the other, had been driven right through the centre of the cable, so as to touch the inner wires--thus forming a leak, or conductor, into the sea. There could be no doubt that it had not got there by accident; neither had it been driven there during the making or shipping of the cable, for in that case the testings for continuity would have betrayed its presence before the starting of the expedition. The piece of wire, too, was the same size as that which formed the protecting cover, and it was of the exact diameter of the cable. There was also the mark of a cut on the Manilla hemp, where the wire had entered. It could have been done only by one of the men who were at work in the tank at the time the portion went over, and, strange to say, this was the same gang which had been at work there when the previous "fault" occurred.
  • The Overland Riders learned that Joe's husband, who was a timber cruiser, had been killed by lumberjacks, and that she was the sworn enemy of every man who wore a Mackinaw coat and worked in the woods.
  • FYI: I have been working on a new book; off and on, but mostly off. Its content varies drastically from Dorom. Unfortunately, it is far from completion. When it is finished, I don't know if I will choose to publish it on-line. When completed, I will first, evaluate how accessable Dorom has been to readers. Next, I will judge how close I've come to publishing my works in traditional media.
  • I had so many fine minds at my disposal, all working in their own limited domains, falsely believing that they were cognizant parts of the whole. Who wouldn't want to work on space travel? I recall how eager you were to be a part of my project in the infancy of its officialdom during the early 1990s. An intelligent robot would be an asset on any manned long-distance space flight. Of course! Just like a tale from the old magazine Amazing Stories. You and your project were of no immediate use, but I let you in, supposing that the Soviet Union in the 1950s would find value or at least appeal in an intelligent robot.
  • And now, resumed Mitchon, "I may tell you that we were sure Mr. Rivers would not advise you to go to Alaska this year, and Mr. Herold told me to take you to Mr. Field, who has charge of the swamp work in Minnesota. You will go out with him as soon as he opens field work, which, I presume, will be next week."
  • The silent summer forenoon, after this, wore away without event. Mrs. Gammit, working in her garden behind the house, with the hot, sweet scent of the flowering buckwheat-field in her nostrils and the drowsy hum of bees in her ears, would throw down her hoe about once in every half-hour and run into the barn to look hopefully at the traps. But nothing came to disturb them. Neither did anything come to disturb the hens, who attended so well to business that at noon Mrs. Gammit had seven fresh eggs to carry in. When night came, and neither weasels nor porcupines had given any further sign of their existence, Mrs. Gammit was puzzled. She was one of those impetuous women who expect everything to happen all at once. When milking was over, and her solitary, congenial supper, she sat down on the kitchen doorstep and considered the situation very carefully.
  • Project Gutenberg tm is synonymous with the free distribution of electronic works in formats readable by the widest variety of computers including obsolete, old, middle aged and new computers. It exists because of the efforts of hundreds of volunteers and donations from people in all walks of life.
  • The road was a magnificent one, having been built on the foundations of the ancient Appian Way. It was lined on each side with trees, and was broad and well paved. It is considered one of the finest in Europe. Along this they rolled, the blue sky above them, on the right hand the mountains, on the left the sea. The air was damp and chill; but at first they did not feel it particularly, though Uncle Moses complained of "rheumatics," and took precautionary measures against his insidious enemy by wrapping himself up warmly. As they went on they saw crowds of peasants coming to work in the fields. These peasants lived in the hill country on the right, and had to walk a great distance to get to their place of labor,--for to live on the marshes was impossible. Men, women, and even children were there; and their pale, sickly faces and haggard looks showed how deadly were the effects of the noxious exhalations from this marshy soil.
  • But the English will not hang you. You and your mates will be treated as prisoners of war, Darrin assured him. "You will be well fed. You will have some amusements. When spring comes you will have gardens to work in and the flowers or vegetables that you raise will belong to you. It is a stupid lie to tell you that the English hang you all. You will soon be on shore, and in an English prison camp, and then you will know that you have been lied to. You will enjoy finding yourself on shore, for you were not often allowed to go ashore when you got back from these trips to take on your next mine cargo at--"
  • Not a bit of it, was the reply. "He was back at work in about four days, and within two weeks after his hand had bothered him very little. But he certainly had scars enough afterward."
  • "Its a little island off the West Coast, between Vancouver Island and the mainland. Its where all the hippies went when the sixties were over. I lived with my friend in her parentshouse, since they were off working in Victoria. There were five of us, and we each had to come up with a hundred bucks a month rent to cover the bills." I laugh. It was such a good deal. I earned that, plus spending money, selling handmade necklaces at the Saturday craft and farmers market.
  • I struggled up on my feet and proceeded to carry the big vessels to the river bank, where I intended to construct the raft. The effort to take each heavy bottle those few metres seemed almost beyond me in my exhausted state. At last I proceeded to strip the floor of the hut, which had been made with split assahy palms (Euterpe oleracea L.), in order that I might make a frame to which I could fasten the bottles. With a great deal of persuasion I got Filippe and Benedicto to help me. The long pieces of assahy were too heavy for our purpose, and we had the additional trouble of splitting each piece into four. It was most trying work in our worn-out condition. Then we had to go into the forest and collect some small liane, so that we could tie the pieces together, as we had no nails and no rope.
  • Last time we visited the mill we met a woman who worked in a textile mill in leeds almost 50 years ago.
  • Broken, shmoken, said Hank. "If you find Egyptian faience work in a Sumerian grave, you know they traded. If you find old Radio shack model 100's in a Memphis grave, you know the Egyptians traded with the Pilgrim fathers across the Atlantic Ocean."
  • I did some work in the morning and then left to take a walk about an hour before lunch. I called Sam from my cell phone and told him to meet me at Callinis at noon. Since I am an educated consumer, I popped into Syms and cruised for some bargains. A few shirts and ties later I walked back to the office and put my purchases down. It was ten minutes before noon, so I went over to Sams desk and told him that I was back. Before he could ask me why I came back, I raced to the bathroom. I took care of my number one business before I splashed some cool water on my face. I looked in the mirror and thought, "Who are you and what have you done with my good friend Ed?"
  • Lower voltages may be necessary when working in close contact with earthed metalwork.
  • Two weeks of camp life had now familiarized each lad with the duties that were assigned to him, and by working in unison supper was soon prepared.
  • Susie lives and works in central london and specializes in animal portraiture.
  • That should scare the shit out of them, Anita said as she put together a big batch of forms and exhibits. She worked in high heels and a skirt, and a clingy, white cotton blouse. "Do you think we'll be okay to get jurisdiction over them?" she asked.
  • We werent back to work in five or ten, not even twenty or thirty. After forty-five minutes, most of the office had reverted back to childhood, throwing paper air planes and making up pointless games to pass the time. It was nice. By this point, even the phones werent working. They all tied into the computers and when the backup ran out of juice we were off the hook for all things Riders. Larry came around and told us all that the power company said that it was going to be another two hours, so we all were to take a super extended lunch that was paid and we didnt even have to make it up.
  • The fire need only be small, but when the cooking commences, there should be for the most part red embers in the fireplace, capable of sending up great heat, with but a minimum of blaze. And there a cook can work in comfort, without dodging back every time a fierce blaze darts toward him, threatening to singe his eyebrows, and shorten his crop of hair.
  • Current assets less current liabilities, representing the required investment, continually circulating, to finance stock, debtors, and work in progress.
  • "Not yet, but now that you are back the discoveries will soon come. Do not be afraid; I have my plan which cannot fail. Also, it was lonely working in that cave without you, so I only looked about a little outside till it was time to go to meet you, and shoot some of those Matabele. Do you know?--I killed seven of them myself. When I was shooting for your sake I could not miss," and he smiled at her.
  • We had plans to shop until the mall closed, but when we arrived at Sears fate would intervene. I found a complete set of Craftsman mechanical tools along with a toolbox for Tray. Still having money, I decided to buy him a few extra sets. I had no idea that so many tools even existed in the world. I stood in the crowded aisles and stared at the massive selection like a mindless moron. Of course, my Ember vs. the Craftsman tool sets 'stare-down-sessionnetted me nothing at all. I had no idea which ones would be useful. So I finally asked the older gentleman who was working in that department to assist me.
  • Goggles, overalls and a suitable mist respirator should be worn when working in fine sprays.
  • "Drink the coffee, Senor Bond. It is the very best in the world. You should know, senor, that before coming to Cuba to work in the sugar mills I lived in Colombia. The coffee of my native land is guarded by friendly shade trees on Andes mountains and only the most worthy aged beans and the finest green beans are ..."
  • Many Russian scientists and inventors were migrs, like Igor Sikorsky, who built the first airliners and modern-type helicopters; Vladimir Zworykin, often called the father of TV; chemist Ilya Prigogine, noted for his work on dissipative structures and complex systems; Nobel Prize-winning economists Simon Kuznets and Wassily Leontief; physicist Georgiy Gamov (an author of the Big Bang theory) and social scientist Pitirim Sorokin. Many foreigners worked in Russia for a long time, like Leonard Euler and Alfred Nobel.
  • Morton was the host of Quiz Show. He was known for his penchant for collecting unique vehicles. That day, he had apparently come to work in some lemon yellow Italian job.
  • The Major had hired a scout to take them to the ruins early the following morning, Thursday. The scout had told him that civilians were forbidden to go there, but the Major assured him that he would accept responsibility and that there would be no problems. They set out early in the morning. Lady Wyndmere wore her sari as she always did, but wrapped it around her in a tight fashion - the way Bengali village women did when they worked in the field. She also wore tennis shoes. As they started their trek, the talkative scout apologized for charging a premium rate, because ofthe present situation’.
  • Last night, the great hall had been full of men, the stables full of animals, and the bailey busy with craft workers. Many of the people who worked in the castle lived in the little village outside it, so I wasnt surprised at their absence. With the dawn, however, people should be starting to stir. Now, the silence was eerie, only broken by the sound of our boots scuffling on the rocky ground.
  • After this event, the boys settled to their work in high spirits, undeterred by the fact that the motor was still missing, although Mr. Fulton felt sure it could not have been taken from the island. Phil ventured to advance a theory, which the boys were inclined to scout but which Mr. Fulton finally decided was at least worth the time and effort it would take to try it out.
  • Like I said, I was first born a cat in Egypt, that is, it is this life that I first remember. My mom, Isis (named after the Goddess Isis) was beloved of Isom, a servant girl to Cheo who worked in the palace of King Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti. Sounded pretty important the way mom said it, but it still boiled down to the same thing, pest killing!
  • Home working in partnership dialog by design dialog by design is the only full-service consultation bureau in the uk.
  • Many NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) are working to solve this problem; however, most are far apart, uncoordinated, and working in isolation. The Sub-Saharan Africa NGO Consortium is attempting to coordinate efforts.
  • I had to do it, of course. It took longer than expected because the envelope with the evaluation forms was not in his mail box. After handing me a batch of small pencils bound together by a rubber band, one of the secretaries grudgingly agreed to accompany me to Briggss office with the department master key to see if the evaluation forms were there. A fat elderly woman, she walked very slowly. When we finally got to his office, we found that Angie was there working in it. "You could have saved me a trip if you had just checked here first!" the secretary said accusingly.
  • The other got his tongue to working in a half-coherent fashion, though the disjointed words he forced out of his mouth were just husky whispers. "Oh, my God--you! Not me--oh, my God, not me!--him--he made me--it was -"
  • I used every contact I had or could make to steer Sarah toward work in our project, people interested in the reform I wanted, people in Education, grant funders and professional bodies in hypnotherapy. It wasnt difficult to light fires of enthusiasm in these people; I aimed them all at influencing Sarah. Sarah was moving house at this time and I even talked to her mortgage broker, supporting her application for a bigger mortgage by pointing out what she could earn from my research project.
  • She had never been a full-time mother, in that she was a full-time checker. Motherhood had been on the side, but still feeling like a forty-hour a week position. The hours were those at night, on weekends, and spread out further, as if her day carried more than just twenty-four hours, maybe forty-eight. A week was fourteen days, a year over one hundred weeks, time feeling longer than it should. Since last fall, the last World Series, time had changed, and Summer had too. She stared at Terrys slender right arm, his face sporting scars. Rehabilitation for his mangled right shoulder was still a work in progress. He had recovered, but looked older. No one escaped the markings of days past.
  • Such were the words of one of the greatest explorers of Africa in the nineteenth century. Determination was the keynote of his character even as a young boy. At the age of ten he was at work in a cotton factory in Scotland: with his first week's wages he bought a Latin grammar. Fourteen hours of daily work left little time for reading, but he educated himself, till at nineteen he was resolved to be a medical missionary.
  • On the morning after the foregoing occurrence breakfast was taken at the usual hour. All the robbers were present; and the Rev. Mr. Jonas thanked God for the repast, and begged that his brethren would be given strength from above to carry on the good work in which they had engaged.
  • He subsequently worked in venice, and for the great bibliophile federigo da montefeltro at urbino.
  • Ten minutes later he left the meeting feeling ten years older but for once he was not disheartened by his age. He had the feeling that hed done rather well, that beneath their confident surface these young people were rather in awe of his age and experience. For once, he thought, the past might just be working in his favour.
  • A man chanced to be working in a field not far distant. He heard the cries of the boys and saw their danger. There was not a moment to be lost. He started upon the full run, throwing off coat and waistcoat and shoes, in his almost frantic speed, till he reached the water. He then plunged in, and, by swimming and wading, seized the canoe when it was within but about twenty feet of the roaring falls. With almost superhuman exertions he succeeded in dragging it to the shore.
  • Their work in the field of forensic ballistics, with the comparison microscope, brought fair justice at murder trials.
  • Many students chose to work in a placement related to their preferred specialism.
  • After the farce at the hospital and the police station, the dim ache of well-lit corridors, the constant confrontation with her name in print (it wasn't as if she'd died, more like she'd gone bankrupt or been closed down), I couldn't decide what to do. There seemed no point in going back, following the thread back to what I'd already done and left: there seemed no point in anything much. The money ran out and I worked in restaurants for a while for food and pocket money. I was listless but strangely restless too, finding it impossible to stay in one place for more than a couple of weeks at a time. I got this job by pure chance. One night I got a bit drunk and went to the fair. I think it was Paco who offered me the job, I'm not sure, it was all a bit hazy. Anyway, I spoke to the Boss the next day and we started moving. It was madness really, I had no experience or anything and could only speak a pocketful of sentences in Spanish, but they were mad days, and so there I was roughing it with a travelling fair. Eighteen months ago we straggled in here.
  • Now based at babcock bes, graeme works in the business process improvement team developing the estimating and tendering process for naval ship refit.
  • Thresher has a number of wines from the australian winemaker peter bright who has been working in portugal for a number of years now.
  • Never mind, many of the noblest works in this world resulted from the selfish desire on the part of some one who wanted to win some kind of a prize. But I won't sermonize. Let me see what you have in mind as a moth exterminator, said the Assistant Scoutmaster.
  • Last of all, we saw the men searched on coming in from their work in the fields, or in the different workshops. They all stood in a line while the warder passed his hands down their bodies and legs, and looked into their hats. Then he turned to a basin of water standing by, and carefully washed his hands.
  • Cap's health being such that he deemed it inadvisable to continue work in the field, he had severed his connection with the expedition, after finishing the preliminary map of Green River, and was temporarily settled in Kanab, where he had been for some time.
  • I couldn't very well go without it, replied our guest, laughing. "No, I don't think so," he added, more seriously. "It was easy enough, all except the mounting and dismounting. In fact, Phil, I'm so nearly all right again that I should have no excuse to be hanging around here any longer if it were not that I can be of use to you by taking all the chores off your hands, thus leaving you and Joe free to get about your work in the crater."
  • Hamish enjoyed working here, or at least he was able to tolerate it. His task was to collect the empty bottles and pint glasses that filled every available surface of the room. There was a magical aspect to the work, in that as soon as a glass or bottle was removed it was instantly replaced, often without any visible source. Hamish and his peers were kept busy. Indeed they were run off their feet. Although Hamish did not indulge in this practice, Levin, who also worked in this particular institution for a term, often came home to soak his members in hot water and sigh and feel content after an arduous six-hour shift. And all shifts were arduous.
  • Oh, easily enough! laughed Dick. "Everything is easy, you know, sir, when you understand how to do it. I learned how to do that, and a great many other very useful things, under one of the cleverest men in London, a man who would be famous but for the fact that he prefers to work in the obscurity of the East-End, and let the poor enjoy the benefit of his wonderful skill, instead of becoming a fashionable Harley Street practitioner. With your permission, sir, I will look after our friend Tom, here; and I guarantee to have him up and about again, as well as ever, before we reach the latitude of the Cape."
  • Touch! I worked in a Christian monastery for a while. If it was possible for an android to look pensive, Johnny managed it. "One of the most peaceful periods of work that I ever had, incidentally."
  • We had altogether not an unpleasant time in the stockade, and we had plenty of work in repairing the wagons and tents, and in making other preparations for our further progress through the wild passes of the Snowy Mountains. The travelling, barring the attacks from the red-skins, had hitherto been easy; we were now to enter on a region wild and rugged in the extreme, where we should have to encounter dangers innumerable from grizzly bears, avalanches, mountain torrents, and steep precipices, added to those we had already gone through. However, their contemplation in no way daunted any of our party. From old Mr Ragget's forethought and judgment, he had amply supplied his camp with provisions before the winter set in, and the same qualities he was now exerting in making preparations for our journey. We thus avoided many of the disasters and miseries from which so many parties of emigrants suffered proceeding over the same route in following years.
  • I had been around universities my entire life. My mother started working in one when I was six, and since then, I have hardly ever been very far away from them. I clearly recognized the speech form. I had heard many very learned people speak very learned things. Yet, it seemed that there was more of a spirit of learning in hima very noble and brave and pure kind of this pursuit of what is realthan I had ever seen in a person, or ever thought about seeing.
  • A more active use of the iraqi opposition was suggested for propaganda work in the occupied villages.
  • But its hard to leave Salt Spring Island behind. Its easier for George and Sophie because theyre just going to a friends wedding in Toronto, and theyll be back in a week. But I'm getting dropped off to spend the whole summer working in Fort Frances, and even when I get back to the West Coast, it wont be the same. Then, Ill just be visiting Salt Spring instead of living there. Those days, for now, are over.
  • Eertu was starting to tire. While magic made for a deadly weapon it was also taxing on the caster. That was why mages in the royal army worked in tandem. It was also the reason Eertu trained hard with quarter staff. However upon the roof of the inn magic was all he had. He watched the pitched battle below allowing his magic to recharge for the next cast. Everybody was so fixated on the fight below nobody had noticed the four assassins climbing the back wall of the inn.
  • The subject, however, was not further pursued, but now and then Omar would express a hope that she had returned in safety to her father, or wonder why she had been working in his cause, his words showing plainly that his head was still filled with thoughts of our pretty visitor.
  • Berry's brows contracted. He touched the wad with his foot. "No," he said loftily. "This has clearly worked in from the engine.
  • Hura pointed. "To stop that thing, of course. If it is not stopped soon then the Domain will be gone in a few of their days. They have come in contact with some transition point, or some lock or connection between worlds, or they are very near to such a thing. The blasts and subsequent disruptions to the strata have brought the quakes, a warning of far worse to come. Their work in other areas of this ocean over the past thirty cycles has devastated several of the shard worlds. Perhaps they test new equipment that has not been used previously. You must stop it, Jorden."
  • You think something is different, then know that something is the same, only you never noticed it. A strangeness is at work in this room. Mather is using the blood.
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