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work in
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Okunuşu: / wəːk ɪn / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work in
Ekler: works in/worked in/work·ing in

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  • "Me? Making pizza? Id never degrade myself like that! Id sooner work in a Mexican whorehouse. At least then Id get to travel."
  • Jap Town was situated on First South between Main Street and Third West. Most of it would be destroyed in 1969 to be replaced with newer buildings such as the new Salt Palace and Abravanel Hall. In 1900, 417 Japanese were in Utah. By 1910, 2110 lived here and by 1920, 2936 Japanese called Utah home. These numbers rose only slightly to 3269 by 1930, as restrictions were placed on immigration numbers. The Japanese worked in the copper mine at Bingham and the coal mines in Carbon County. They also worked for the Rio Grande- Western Railroad. The sugar beet industry took over 1000 Japanese workers into their fields. By 1910, Japanese farmers planted 4000 acres of sugar beets, with 2100 acres of other crops. Four years later, almost 4500 acres were beets and 9000 acres were other crops including celery and ever-bearing strawberries, which they patented.
  • It was discovered by Thomas M. Cullinan, who bought the site from a Boer farmer for $250,000. The land originally cost this farmer $2,500. The mine has already produced more than five hundred times what Cullinan paid for it and the surface has scarcely been scraped. You can see the natives working in its two huge holes which are not more than six hundred feet deep. It is still an open mine. In the Premier Mine was found the Cullinan diamond, the largest ever discovered and which made the Koh-i-noor and all other fabled gems look like small pebbles. It weighed 3,200 karats and was insured for $2,500,000 when it was sent to England to be presented to King Edward. The Koh-i-noor, by the way, which was found in India only weighs 186 karats.
  • "Be at peace," he answered, "for no man has yet measured his own work, and it may be you shall do more than all these. They laboured in their office, and you shall work in yours. But why will you have me tell you what to do?"
  • I stared at the screen for a moment. Wondering if I should just take that nap anyway. Then I thought of Katies swipe about working in Kingsboro. I started pecking at the keys.
  • Again congratulating the minister on an extraordinary piece of work in such a short time.
  • During these few instants of preparation neither Belle nor Laura had spoken. Both girls realized the gravity of the situation, and they knew that a word from them might distract the rescuers from the work in hand.
  • Levin MacHill arrived home from work in the Apartment later that night. He was, indeed, unhappy; though he only heard the story at third or forth hand. Neil Steed had heard it from Barry Mitchell and had told it to Chris Bole. Chris told Levin that his TV had been thrown out a window but didnt say whod done it.
  • In the early days, the clams had been plentiful and the prices paid were fairly decent. Not any more. In the past year, like a waterspout suddenly rising from the surface toward an ominously dark cloud, a concern gripped Billy that one day the clams would be gone, destroyed by pollution, or he might hurt his back too seriously to work through the pain. Then what would he do? When he graduated from college with a BA in English, Billy decided he didn't want to be part of corporate America or a bureaucrat or any sort of money grubber. He could never work in an office, 9 to 5, or be a salesman or run from door to door with packages like his brother-in-law. The water was in his blood.
  • Asked if the overnight arrest was a second coup, Mariko said: "This is not a coup. The president is still in place but the prime minister was no longer working in the interests of the country."
  • "This was all because of you." His voice quivered. "I learned of this only today from my foolish prodigal, Pinheiro. May God have mercy on you, heretic. You and your accomplices have destroyed all His work in India."
  • But, if the youth showed mercy to animals, he was not so considerate of reptiles--especially when they crawled the earth. He detested a serpent with unspeakable disgust, and believed he was doing good work in reducing, as opportunity presented, the noxious pests. His experience with the rattlesnake which caused his wrenched ankle did not lessen this hatred of the species. When, therefore, a warning rattle told him one afternoon that he had disturbed another of the venomous things beside the path, his enmity flared up. No fear of the Shawanoe being caught unawares, as when climbing the wall of the caon, for he had slain too many of the reptiles in his distant home not to understand their nature. Whirlwind, like all of his kind, had a mortal dread of every species of serpents, and he showed his timidity the moment the locust-like whirring sounded from the bush at the side of the path the two were following.
  • I blinked the glaze from my eyes, and looked at the smirking phantasm at the counter. He glowed with a white sheen, even though his frumpy work-clothes managed to convey their dinginess. He worked in sheetrock. They were always dusted with the fine white powder.
  • "Wait a minute." The look on his face turned arrogant. "You mean to tell me that you work in the computer department and you dont know the front side bus on this machines processor."
  • Vocational in focus and include contact with outside organizations and professionals working in the industry.
  • You could be working in a genuine outback pub, nannying, working in the wineries or roughing it on an outback pub, nannying, working in the wineries or roughing it on an outback farm.
  • There are no racehorses or country estates for Roudeillac and business partner Richard Boireau, who arrive for work in modest family saloon cars and share a desk in a cramped six-meter-square office.
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  • Audiclean works in three ways - it cleans ears safely and effectively, disperses earwax plugs and prevents the build-up of earwax plugs and prevents the build-up of earwax.
  • "An engineer was sent to examine it. He reported in favor of additional works in the rear, while he believed that the armament of the fort, and its elevated situation, would enable a well-managed garrison to repulse any number of ships of war which might attempt to pass up the river. Nothing more was done.
  • David nods. ‘I agree with you, absolutely. Up-to-dateness is next to godliness, in my book.’ He assumes an innocent look. ‘And as a matter of fact, Ive done some work in watercolours, myself.’
  • The Greeks that worked in the Bingham Mine pushed for better pay, safer working conditions and a right to organize. They rallied the Italians and Japanese that worked there to fight with them and the other mineworkers from theWestern Federation of Mines’, which included mines in eastern Nevada and most mines in Utah. Over 5,000 men in all joined together, knowing that unity was their strongest asset. The strikersthe United Mine Workers, were well armed with rifles, knives and dynamite. They dug trenches and foxholeseven had a makeshift cannon. Several people were killed. This was the largest strike the mine had ever seen and in the end, the Greek instigators were fired and replaced with Mexicans brought up from New Mexico and Arizona. The group did not effectively organize until after World War II.
  • Aaron listened to the movements next to his room with fear and some distaste. He lay on his bed with Eminem playing softly in the background. The room was dark apart from a lamp shining on the ground. Shuffling, banging, someone running all the way down the stairs, leaving the front door open for hours, someone else still in the room, a party of four, a party of one, music playing in an empty room. Playing music at all hours; keeping him awake. work in Four Star Pizza. Back home, with a pizza. Eating, trying to sleep, going to class half the time. Having pizza and working.
  • "Come on, Nerissa," says Portia. "I have work in hand that you yet know not of! Well see our husbands before they think of us!"
  • 'Why, everything; colour, form, movement, fragranceall sorts of things, of course?' Agatha replied. 'Have you looked around here? Well, you know what I mean. There's nothing here. Have you any idea what it's like to live and work in such monotonous surroundings. The only physical manifestation we have is a television on which they all watch these blasted ball-game reruns!'
  • Thorpe knew that their restless spirits would soon tire of the monotony of work without ultimate interest. Ordinarily the hope of a big cut is sufficient to keep men of the right sort working for a record. But these men had no such hope--the camp was too small, and they were too few. Thorpe adopted the expedient, now quite common, of posting the results of each day's work in the men's shanty.
  • They fell into their traditional division of labor then, Art working on a variety of user-experience plans, dividing each into subplans, then devising protocols for user testing to see what would work in the field; Fede working on logistics from plane tickets to personal days to budget and critical-path charts. They worked side by side, but still used the collaboration tools that Art had grown up with, designed to allow remote, pseudonymous parties to fit their separate work components into the same structure, resolving schedule and planning collisions where it could and throwing exceptions where it couldnt. They worked beside each other and each hardly knew the other was there, and that, Art thought, when he thought of it, when the receptionist commed him to tell him that "Linderrr"—freakinteabagswas there for him, that was the defining characteristic of a Tribalist. A norm, a modus operandi, a way of being that did not distinguish between communication face-to-face and communication at a distance.
  • "I think I understand master. I will trouble you no further, for I know you have great works to do. Know that I am doing your work in my world, and my people live only to serve you. Thank you for giving me the information to strengthen my power. I must go and rest, for I am drained from my trip to wake the Dirujen."
  • Somehow it seemed as though the farm had grown richer without making the animals themselves any richer-except, of course, for the pigs and the dogs. Perhaps this was partly because there were so many pigs and so many dogs. It was not that these creatures did not work, after their fashion. There was, as Squealer was never tired of explaining, endless work in the supervision and organisation of the farm. Much of this work was of a kind that the other animals were too ignorant to understand. For example, Squealer told them that the pigs had to expend enormous labours every day upon mysterious things called "files," "reports," "minutes," and "memoranda." These were large sheets of paper which had to be closely covered with writing, and as soon as they were so covered, they were burnt in the furnace. This was of the highest importance for the welfare of the farm, Squealer said. But still, neither pigs nor dogs produced any food by their own labour; and there were very many of them, and their appetites were always good.
  • The prisoners, wearing nothing but cut-off denim shorts and/or cowboy boots work in the quarry, overseen by equally scantily clad armed guards.
  • "Then I went to New York to work in Media." Another smile. "We really called itMediawith a capital. I fell in love with a guy at NYU helped him make his thesis film. Nice enough guy but a user. I worked my ass off for him."
  • You don't understand, Rath said. "He may effect a cure of his nonexistent Martian psychosis. But to cure something that is not there is, in effect, to erect a gratuitous delusional system. You might say that the machine would work in reverse, producing psychosis instead of removing it."
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  • "Hi, were from a film company," said Larry, smiling broadly. "We work in the movies." After a moment, he added, "Uh huh…, yeh."
  • The point was looming almost abreast now. He edged in nearer, to hug it as closely as he dared risk the depth of the water. Behind, remorselessly, the other boat was steadily closing the gap; and the shots were not all wild--one struck, with a curious singing sound, on some piece of metal a foot from his elbow. Closer to the shore, running now parallel with the head of the point, Jimmie Dale again edged in the boat, his jaws, clamped, working in little twitches.
  • Ive worked in lots of corporations and companies in my time Mr. Du and Ive formed an opinion about most risk managers generally. Would you like me to share that opinion with you?’
  • I was king of DIY though, I could have published a book on it. I would have left the pages blank and sold it with a pen. I was relishing building my kitchen and was glad when Marvin left, leaving me, Krueger and Elly alone. The three of us worked in unison putting the cupboards together. Krueger must have thought it was too easy as he kept nicking my screwdriver, that or he wanted to do it all by himself.
  • Oh, that's Georgy Vane. She's awful fun. 'Dear old Dolly,--So you've brought it off. Hearty congrats. I thought you were going to be silly and throw away--' There's nothing else there, Mr. Carter. Look here. Listen to this. It's from Uncle William. He's a clergyman, you know. 'My dear Niece,--I have heard with great gratification of your engagement. Your aunt and I unite in all good wishes. I recollect Lord Mickleham's father when I had a curacy near Worcester. He was a regular attendant at church and a supporter of all good works in the diocese. If only his son takes after him (fancy Archie!) You have secured a prize. I hope you have a proper sense of the responsibilities you are undertaking. Marriage affords no small opportunities, it also entails certain trials--'
  • Home working in partnership dialog by design dialog by design is the only full-service consultation bureau in the uk.
  • Sanych framed her project in a few sentences and made her request. Anjoya raised her chin in thought, letting her dark eyes play over the light patterns on the opposite wall. "I believe I know a few individuals that you may seek out. Ill make you a list...but forgive me. You dont need a list, do you?" Anjoya smiled and gave her five names and where they lived and worked in Greater Salience.
  • The council therefore seeks to work in partnership with the private sector to rectify shortfalls in provision.
  • Busily engaged with his work in the kitchenette, Arnold was quite surprised to observe the door leading into the after cabin open softly. It admitted the newly found stranger. He had been given spare clothes belonging to the boys and looked little the worse for his rough experience of only a short time before. His eyes were black and piercing and might have been pleasant were it not for his disagreeable habit of not looking directly at the one with whom he was talking. His glance roved about the place taking in every detail yet never resting long in any one place.
  • Two weeks of camp life had now familiarized each lad with the duties that were assigned to him, and by working in unison supper was soon prepared.
  • She blew out the lamp, and by the little light that crept through the shuttered casement led me by the hand to the far corner of the room. Here she pressed upon the wall, and a door opened in its thickness. We entered, and she closed the spring. Now we were in a little chamber, some five cubits in length by four in breadth; for a faint light struggled into the closet, and also the sound of voices, I knew not whence. Loosing my hand, she crept to the end of the place, and looked steadfastly at the wall; then crept back and, whispering Silence!"" led me forward with her. Then I saw that there were eyeholes in the wall, which pierced it, and were hidden on the farther side by carved work in stone. I looked through the hole that was in front of me, and I saw this: six cubits below was the level of the floor of another chamber, lit with fragrant lamps, and most richly furnished. It was the sleeping-place of Cleopatra, and there, within ten cubits of where we stood, sat Cleopatra on a gilded couch, and by her side sat Antony."
  • Wendy is still around today, and is a true polymath, working in all kinds of creative and scientific fields.
  • It was a curious thing how the "personality" of the bushes appeared to affect them all. Saltire at his work gave the impression of a fighter concentrating on the defeat of an enemy. Roddy would dance for joy before each staggering bush. The impassivity of the natives departed from them when they stood about the funeral pyres, and clapping of hands and warlike chanting went heavenward with the smoke. Christine and Roddy often lingered to watch these rejoicings; indeed, it was impossible at any time to get the boy past Saltire and his gang without a halt. The English girl, while standing somewhat aloof, would nevertheless not conceal from herself the interest she felt in the forestry man's remarks, not only on the common enemy, but his work in general.
  • He had a bit of time before their journey, and hoped the incident a few moments ago would work in his favor, and perhaps open the door for Kate to trust her heart, to trust him and deepen their intimacy. However, Damien felt himself treading a thin line where his marriage was concerned. If Kate did not get pregnantIf he had planted a child in another woman, the night before his weddinga child that he could not deny
  • His best known work in english - the poetics of space - remains a staple on architecture courses everywhere today.
  • Where once had stood a man now lay a mangled mass of metal. The snow around the heap was pitted where flecks of blood melted through, and armor showed smudges of blood far blacker than she had seen anywhere but the field a few days ago. There was no flesh or bone among the spent armor either, only a scattering of bluish-gray dust. There had been more than a blade at work in the murder of these soldiers. Some unholy magic had ravaged their bodies. He had taken more than their lives; he had taken their humanity. Now they could not even be honored for their sacrifice with a funeral. It was horrible.
  • On the edges of the pond was a gaggle of tardy Canadian geese that appeared to be attempting ice-skating for the first time. Were they still here out of a place of comfort or they suffer from a painful toothache that caused them to delay their trip that their alabaster white chinstraps hinted out? Whatever the reason, they had decided not to holiday to the south yet, and thus they were attempting their initial synchronized triple lutz combination. Not everything works in a standard pattern, I thought.
  • Peru was taken by the Spaniards three hundred years ago from the native Indians, who lived happily under their own princes and chiefs. The latter were treated with the greatest cruelty and injustice by their conquerors, and compelled to work in the silver and copper mines which exist along the whole range of the Andes. The Spaniards were, in their turn, dispossessed of the government of the country by the descendants of the early settlers, who were assisted by the natives and the people descended from natives and Spaniard. Unhappily, the Roman Catholic religion is established throughout the whole of Chili and Peru, for the history of the two countries is nearly the same; and the people have the characteristics which are to be found wherever that religion prevails. The great mass are ignorant and superstitious; their priests, of whom there are great numbers, grossly impose on their credulity.
  • You don't think you are going to work underground, do you? the man said; "there are very few underground mines here. It is all on the surface. There are some underground, because I have worked in them. I would rather work there than here. They can't look after you so sharp, and you can take it as easily as you like."
  • Rhaki rode at a leisurely pace along the track from Return. He looked about him, at men and women working in some of the fields, and keeping a casual watch that he was not being followed. Not that he entertained the idea of Hargon having him watched for a moment. Likeable fellow in his simple waybut simple was the most accurate word there.
  • He was co-founder / director of project north east - an innovative british NGO which has now worked in 40 countries. www.pne.org.
  • "For three weeks I worked in the warehouse of Henry Dubineau, the largest importer of French and Italian wines to England. He also owns a chunk of the East India Company and some French stocks in a company that wants to build a canal somewhere..."
  • Certainly they had some excuse, for the captain had gone to work in rather a wholesale way, and the ship promised to be certainly a little lighter when she started on her way to her destination, a port a hundred miles farther along the coast.
  • Those who were in the Army of the Potomac will remember the Signal Telegraph Corps. I do not mean the Military or Morse Corps, but the Signal Telegraph Corps. There were two distinct organizations doing practically the same character of work in the Army of the Potomac. As a natural consequence, these two army telegraph corps were in a state of active, bitter warfare against each other all the time.
  • From the moment Charlie sat at the kitchen table with his parents, Brad's concept of time matched what he was seeing on the kitchen clock. The clock's sweep second hand slowed to a crawl, the minute hand vibrated in place every few seconds, and the hour hand froze on the nine. Brad was sure every minute he stayed there was bringing him closer to whatever his mother and father had decided would be his fate on this beautiful, clear fall day. Brad had overheard enough to know he was going to be put to work in the yard, but he hoped it would be overruled when Charlie said he needed Brad's help this weekend.
  • He was very glad of his blanket, for the nights were cold; and when he had finished his supper he wrapped himself up in it and was soon asleep. He was awoke at daylight by voices inside the tent, and a few minutes later the sheik and his wife came out, and seeing Edgar standing there the sheik ordered him to go and assist the other slaves; but Amina pouted: "I thought you had brought him home as a present to me; what use will he be to me if he is to work in the field all day with the others?"
  • But these benefits are only bequeathed to immigrants who have been legally working in the uk and thus contributing to the state.
  • He considered himself just an ordinary Champagne worker, like his father before him. He worked in the vineyards during Spring and Summer, pruning and tying the vines at one time of year, and harvesting the ripe grapes in another. This work was by its very nature seasonal and he turned his hand to whatever task was required at that time.
  • His flat was the bottom floor of a three-storied, modernised terraced house. It was comfortable and spacious and had access to a small garden beyond the kitchen which Richard enjoyed working in during his free time. He lived alone, for although the flat was quite large, it was in a poor area and Richard could easily afford it on his own. Besides, he preferred to maintain his privacy, it suited his nature better. Inside it was furnished but not clustered. He was a tidy man of simple tastes and his choice of furniture reflected this. In the front room there were a few armchairs, a table with a few books on it, a television and a stereo. A few framed pictures hung on the wall. There was very little else, no ornaments or such like, he loathed the pointless bric-a-brac he found in other people's rooms, he found them unnecessary, over-ornate. The kitchen had the same air of ordered simplicity. His eating habits were conservative, preferring the typical unadorned food of his parents, simple vegetables served with unspiced meat. He opened the fridge and poured himself a glass of milk.
  • Glad to find you here in Bridgeton, Mr. Smedley, Randolph again said, his voice like oil and his manner confident and condescending. "I received the notification from you when over in France working in a secret capacity for the Government."
  • From immediately below him came the swish of mops and the gurgle of water in the scuppers, for it was still early morning, and under the directions of Hayton, the bo'sun, the swabbers were at work in the waist and forecastle.
  • Many NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) are working to solve this problem; however, most are far apart, uncoordinated, and working in isolation. The Sub-Saharan Africa NGO Consortium is attempting to coordinate efforts.
  • Tom Temple, a bright, self-reliant lad, by the death of his father becomes a boarder at the home of Nathan Middleton, a penurious insurance agent. Though well paid for keeping the boy, Nathan and his wife endeavor to bring Master Tom in line with their parsimonious habits. The lad ingeniously evades their efforts and revolutionizes the household. As Tom is heir to $40,000, he is regarded as a person of some importance until by an unfortunate combination of circumstances his fortune shrinks to a few hundreds. He leaves Plympton village to seek work in New York, whence he undertakes an important mission to California, around which center the most exciting incidents of his young career. Some of his adventures in the far west are so startling that the reader will scarcely close the book until the last page shall have been reached. The tale is written in Mr. Alger's most fascinating style, and is bound to please the very large class of boys who regard this popular author as a prime favorite.
  • Rage boiled inside of her. He was working for the Duke. She should have trusted her first instincts and hit him harder. He was passing notes to couriers who, in turn, passed the notes to someone else until, finally they reached the Duke's hands. That was, after all, the way it always worked in the stories.
  • Two days later a rebel carrier brought news from Pat. She had a job, not, unfortunately for her tastes, with the theatre. She was working in a dress shop, but enough gossip passed through every day to make the long hours more than worth her while.
  • I know not what spirit possessed me; it may have been the pain of the memory working in me, but I said, coarsely enough, 'It's no use, Graeme, my boy; I would fall in love with her myself, but there would be no chance even for me.'
  • "It makes sense," she said. "If they was to stay here six months, all four of 'em, that's a lot of meals you'd have to be feeding them, and them doing no work in return, just lounging in them cells. I reckon that'd add up to a lot more than four hundred ranmyas over time. Seems like a better deal for the city if you let me take 'em back to the farm."
  • Mark howe services of lighting cameraman working in tv for 20 years - digibeta with or without crew.
  • Commander Hastings, on the other hand, had hard work in taking the fortified positions from the foe. Nevertheless he succeeded, due to the heroic efforts of his men. Commander Adams surveyed the field carefully.
  • In earlier times the lacemakers would work in the lofts above cattle byres in winter.
  • "Im with you on that one, but this one will probably work in pharmaceutical sales," Kathy replied as she pulled Barbara Grays file.
  • No, indeed. There I should have to work in an office in London, which would be very dull, while here my work is light, I have amusements, and I have my friends here.
  • "Havent you answered your own question, Reverend?" Argentice replied. "It may not seem like someone on a quest to prove his or her bravery by slaying a dragon is actually performing anything beneficial to the society, but if you look and listen closely, they are. They must acquire shelter and supplies, learn knew stories to tell, learn knew skills. They perform work in return, or make trades. The artists have ample inspiration and opportunity to create and all aspects of a functional industry and economy are fulfilled, without money and without a caste."
  • The men were all at work in the olive groves, but some of the women were in the huts and old Bella listened to Arthur's frantic questions with blank amazement, as did the others who hastily congregated.
  • He looked round to see if any of the other men had observed anything, but they were all much too intent on the work in hand to take notice of anything else; and his friend Harry was just as busy as the rest of the men. He therefore dismissed the matter from his mind, thinking that his eyes might perhaps have deceived him, and set to work again with the other men.
  • "I saw that this could work in my favor. I told her that I would return to the Colonel with her once the wounds were healed. This would serve two purposes. First, she would use a spell or poultice that would work quickly. I truly felt that the Sergeant had not much longer to live. Secondly, her ego would ensure that I was taken straight to the Colonel. In her mind this would prove to the knighthood that she was better than they."
  • I asked the ss to work in pairs putting the sentences in a logical sequence.
  • I'm glad to hear it, was Lord Hastings' comment. "I've other work in hand and I wouldn't want to trust it to a man who is nervous under fire."
  • Life had taken on a new aspect for him since the real truth of his father's story had been made known to him, and already he had made up his mind that he was going to be a doctor, if by hard work he could pass the preliminary tests and win a scholarship that would let him climb the ladder of learning without expense to his father. Mr. Wallis had told him the way to set about obtaining his heart's desire, and it would not be a little thing which would turn him back, now that he knew there had been no real dishonour in his father's professional downfall. While the others ate sandwiches, and chattered like magpies about what they would do when the night camp was made, Rupert sat absorbed in day-dreams, building castles in the air, and making up his mind as to how he would go to work in good earnest directly Hammerville was reached.
  • "We must be gone," said the tree spirit. His voice was gentle in response to her words, though he neither confirmed nor denied what she had said. "We have work of our own to do. The earth has lived long without us. It is time the trees felt spirit at work in them again. But I have a gift to give you, daughter of men."
  • It worried me I should connect the image of Eadie with Sarah, and I couldnt shrug it off. All the time Id spent trying to get her to work in an academic way her personality had dominated, now it was even tingeing these images of Edward. Yet of the real Sarah there was neither sight nor sound, since prompting that first vision on the road she had comprehensively disappeared.
  • Dave Darrin, you don't mean any such thing! You are needed aboard your ship, and I am needed for my work in France, and nothing can be called really good luck that takes either of us away from his post of duty in war-time.
  • The next day after arriving here most of us did not feel like doing any climbing and remained around camp, mending clothes and other articles, adjusting things that had become deranged by our rough work in the last canyon, recording notes, and making entries in diaries. Prof. took observations for latitude and longitude to establish the position of the Yampa so that it could be properly placed on the map.
  • They started in the early hours of the morning before the heat got too bad. They slept for a few hours at noon, then started again mid-afternoon. She was so hungry that she was dizzy. The next corpse was on the fifteenth storey of a block of revolutionary-era flats. No lift in the city had worked in more than a year. They climbed and rested, climbed and rested. There was no question of going straight up. She was too weak to consider it for a second.
  • Annie noticed that even here, a lot of trading and bartering took place, not so different from her homeland. She thought about her long journey here. "I met some people on the train that talked about their female relatives back east, working in the factories. Did you ever want to work in a factory?"
  • If visas for highly -skilled workers were the only issue on the table, Democrats and Republicans could solve it fairly quickly. The GOP would need a little time to convince the staunchest conservatives to sign on. Democrats would have to win over unions, but that might not be too difficult because most science and engineering grads work in fields with few union jobs, anyway.
  • Although Cook's claim to have reached the summit of Denali met with general acceptance outside, or at least was not openly scouted, it was otherwise in Alaska. The men, in particular, who lived and worked in the placer-mining regions about the base of the mountain, and were, perhaps, more familiar with the orography of the range than any surveyor or professed topographer, were openly incredulous. Upon the appearance of Doctor Cook's book, "To the Top of the Continent," in 1908, the writer well remembers the eagerness with which his copy (the only one in Fairbanks) was perused by man after man from the Kantishna diggings, and the acute way in which they detected the place where vague "fine writing" began to be substituted for definite description.
  • He has intwined apects of traffic, boating and the day-to-day tedium of office work in a new way.
  • Frank produced a handful of crackers from his little pack, which he willingly turned over to the other. This seemed to satisfy Jimmy; at least, he stopped groaning and telling of his aches and pains. When they could get his jaws to working in this fashion, he seldom allowed himself to enter any complaint. Jimmy could be bribed to do a good many things by the promise of a feast at the other end.
  • She still did not think it would work in the long run. Eric af Klint was a nobleman and officer, and she was a poor mysterious girl who did not talk about her past, and who was deep into clandestine work, using her body as a tool. Eric knew this and had eventually convinced her to try being together anyway, at least over the winter. In the best of cases, this would be the beginning of something wonderful, but if it didnt work out, they still would have shared a few weeks of bliss.
  • "Dooley knew the communists real well because he used to work in North Vietnam and Laos setting up medical clinics and training medics to run them. In one of his books he described how the communists ruined one of his clinics and massacred all of his staff. They called his medicstraitorsfor cooperating with a westerner and lined them up in front of the whole village and cut the tendons in the backs of their legs. When they got tired of watching them crawl in the dirt, they cut off their heads with machetes and stuck them up on poles to rot in the sun. That was a warning to Dooley and any other Laotian who might think of helping them."
  • Howland fell half a dozen paces behind. By the end of the first hour he was compelled to rest frequently by taking to the sledge, and their progress was much slower. Jean no longer made answer to his occasional questions. Doggedly he swung on ahead to the right and a little behind the team leader, and Howland could see that for some reason Croisset was as anxious as himself to make the best time possible. His own impatience increased as the morning lengthened. Jean's assurance that the mysterious enemies who had twice attempted his life were only a short distance behind them, or a short distance ahead, set a new and desperate idea at work in his brain. He was confident that these men from the Wekusko were his chief menace, and that with them once out of the way, and with the Frenchman in his power, the fight which he was carrying into the enemy's country would be half won. There would then be no one to recognize him but Meleese.
  • So I write to you in care of the last address I have record of for your west coast friend. I hope your work in fighting for the rights of the migrant workers, or for the oppressed of all stripes, is making a difference and giving you a sense of accomplishment. I am proud of you, so very proud. Always was and always have been, I just forgot to notice it in myself- I hope you realize this. I hope this letter finds you well. I love you Jamie.
  • Frank looked to the small, inconspicuous door to their right. "My sister. She works in there, has, uh, something for me." He stared at the ground. "Just money. I uh, Im gonna get something for her."
  • Many, however, of the more energetic miners worked in companies and used cradles, by means of which they washed out a much larger quantity of gold in shorter time; and in places which did not yield a sufficient return by the pan process to render it worth while working, the cradle owners obtained ample remuneration for their toil.
  • "‘If the scorn of your bright eyne have power to raise such love in mine, alack, in me what strange effect would they work in mild aspect! Whiles you chid me, I did love; how then might your prayers move!
  • Now, Fritz was of a mechanical turn of mind, and all day and well into the night he was at work in his shop behind the house. From bits of conversation, the boys gathered that Fritz was engaged in the task of building an aeroplane, and they were greatly interested.
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