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work in
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Okunuşu: / wəːk ɪn / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: work in
Ekler: works in/worked in/work·ing in


sokuşturmak, araya sıkıştırmak.

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  • We can see masculine transcendentalism at work in wired magazine, or in all of the hype around artificial intelligence or virtual reality.
  • I work in two cities where the ring-necked parakeet is common, so i know the calls better than the average visiting birder.
  • What happened is as follows. After many months Hamish became employed, working in the Mclub beside Benedicts, which was a hideous ninety foot cube stuffed with fresh bodies to whom were attached long tubes. These tubes pumped out money and inserted sugary alcohol. The people involved gyrated and lost their voices, shouting at each other in entirely disjointed manners. They wore high heels and short dresses; or, if they belonged to a different sex, shirts and crisp-looking jeans. The average age of attendees was eighteen but only because of the small and determined set of forty-year old men who attended every Friday night.
  • With such considerations at the forefront of a reconnaissance mission, over a dozen Espial agents moved on foot toward pre-coordinated observations points with full surveillance gear. Some worked in pairs, others alone.
  • "Don't you think that tongue is also essential?" asked Miles. "But for the preacher's eloquence his heart and brain would have worked in vain."
  • Tremendous to have musicians as visionary as you at work in this country.
  • It seemed, however, that her poor injured brain had been working in the interval, for when she was quite conscious, she looked at me piercingly with an agonized confusion which I shall never forget, and said, 'I must not deceive myself. It was no dream, but all a grim reality.’ Then her eyes roved round the room. As they caught sight of the two figures sitting patiently on the edge of the bed she went on, 'If I were not sure already, I would know from them.'
  • Noughthat naught work in thy wit, nor in thy will, but only god himself.
  • The way is in your hand, Lief said nodding to the sword. "The sword's ability to reflect natural light allows the carrier to fend off the advance of any shadow tree. Apparently, the Sword of Decree was created when the decision was made to place the seeds of shadow trees into Sanctum. Though not every elf is a magic caster, every elf has the ability to store magical energies. Even when the sphere sucked pure magic from the world, it could not take that which each elf stored in his body. This stored energy, the last vestige of magic for the elves that worked in Sanctum, was used to create the Sword of Decree.
  • She has previously worked in teaching, in primary care mental health research and in community psychiatry.
  • At the same time, many rural whites and blacks migrated to the city of Birmingham for work in new industrial jobs. It experienced such rapid growth that it was nicknamed "The Magic City". By the 1920s, Birmingham was the 19th largest city in the U.S. and held more than 30% of the population of the state. Heavy industry and mining were the basis of the economy. Industrial development related to the demands of World War II brought a level of prosperity not seen since before the Civil War. Rural workers poured into the largest cities in the state for better jobs and a higher standard of living. One example of this massive influx of workers can be shown by what happened in Mobile. Between 1940 and 1943, more than 89,000 people moved into the city to work for war effort industries. Cotton and other cash crops faded in importance as the state developed a manufacturing and service base.
  • We ought to be able to get the boys up here without letting him know that we are in the mine, answered Elmer. "We needn't travel with a fife and drum corps ahead of us, nor even carry any lights down with us. He's probably working in some inside chamber."
  • "I mean," continued Syrill, "part of our treaty with the cats included access to the salt works in Canisaria. Salt was growing dear as silver before the war ended. It had almost left circulation as coin, but now it's coming back, and not bearing the wolfling stamp. Now it bears our stamp."
  • Part of his career andrew worked in a range of contracting fields from landfill gas installation to bioremediation.
  • "`I have distinguished myself lately by manufacturing a sideboard and dresser, as well as a table and bench for the female authority, and expect to accomplish a henhouse and a gate next week. You see we work in hope. I fervently wish we could live on the same. However, I'm pretty jolly, despite a severe attack of rheumatism, which has not been improved by my getting up in the night and rushing out in my shirt to chase away trespassing cows and pigs, as we have not got a watch-dog yet.
  • This man having been at home ill some days had neglected to shave, and there was some mark upon his upper lip. As he caught his guest's glance, the slave hung his head, and asked his guest in a low and humble voice not to mention this fault. With his face slightly flushed, Felix finished his meal; he was confused to the last degree. His long training and the tone of the society in which he had moved (though so despised a member of it) prejudiced him strongly against the man whose hospitality was so welcome. On the other hand, the ideas which had for so long worked in his mind in his solitary intercommunings in the forest were entirely opposed to servitude. In abstract principle he had long since condemned it, and desired to abolish it. But here was the fact.
  • The locals who had been working in Nicolette's household also had vanished. Her French servants were trembling with terror. Agnes, who loved a man who had gone off with the army, was red-eyed and unable to speak.
  • Audiclean works in three ways - it cleans ears safely and effectively, disperses earwax plugs and prevents the build-up of earwax plugs and prevents the build-up of earwax.
  • About 200 people were working in the mine at the time, most of whom were quickly evacuated.
  • Centreaps rather than occupy center stage the church should be working in the wings.
  • The pleasant objects which then presented themselves to my view, afforded me some joy, and suspended for a time the deep sorrow with which I was overwhelmed, to find myself in such a condition. My face, hands, and feet, were all tawny and sun-burnt, and by my long journey my shoes and stockings were quite worn out, so that I was forced to walk bare-footed; arid, besides, my clothes were all in rags. I entered into the town to inform myself where I was, and addressed myself to a tailor that was at work in his shop; who, perceiving by my air that I was a person of more note than my outward appearance bespoke me to be, made me sit down by him, and asked me who I was, and from whence I came, and what had brought me thither? I did not conceal any thing of all that had befallen me. nor made I any scruple to discover my quality.
  • Susie lives and works in central london and specializes in animal portraiture.
  • Hed supposed Lord William would receive him at best distrustfully and at worst with a drawn sword; after all, a mere two days earlier theyd tried to kill each other. Hed brought a hostage with him, a measure of his good faith and this seemed to work in his favor. Olwens Norman lover had done the translations, all the while glaring at him with such intense hatred that hed decided he had more to fear from this man than from Lord William. Hed turned away from the frosty scrutiny only to find Longsword staring at his face with undisguised distaste.
  • We had worked in the stream until nearly midnight. We had nothing to eat when we had finished our work, and the result was that the next morning my men were still tired.
  • Muster all hands, Chips, and let the steward give them a good, generous tot of grog; they will be all the better for it after their hard work in the wet and cold. Moreover, I wish to satisfy myself that they are all right; it has struck me more than once since I came on deck that some of them are missing.
  • Smith, a former UCLA basketball player who worked in Fox's movie distribution department, left a friend's home in Ventura County's Oak Park neighborhood the night of May 1, 2012. Wearing purple athletic pants belonging to one of his sons, Smith drove away in his Mercedes, leaving behind his cellphone charger, shaving kit and other items.
  • "Thats awesome!" Carrie says. She tells me about a friend who worked in a daycare and took care of little three-month-old babies. "There was never enough time, you know, to give them all the attention they needed, so basically they just sat there hanging out, nobody paying any attention to them unless they cried."
  • Atrocious conditions young people used to work in back in the 19th century.
  • "He is in a much stronger position now and hes acting like it," said Paul Begala, a Democratic communications strategist who worked in President Bill Clintons White House. "This is a very different negotiating position than last time."
  • You could be working in a genuine outback pub, nannying, working in the wineries or roughing it on an outback pub, nannying, working in the wineries or roughing it on an outback farm.
  • When morning came and David awoke around eight. They talked about school, his work in metal working was flourishing, Jenny and Kara, His grandma and even how Mark has been doing.
  • "You usually focus your efforts on the empire's borders and beyond, so this will be a different type of task for you. I need you to investigate every soldier working in the Barracks."
  • After the old hunter had departed with the deer, the boys set to work in earnest to fix up their camp once more. Some of the things had been spoiled by the heavy storm, but Ham Spink had "made good," as Snap said, so nothing was really lost, so far as the young hunters were concerned.
  • Thus, the AI-Wise Quran makes understood through the sacrifice of a cow that through his prophethood, Moses excised and destroyed the concept of cow-worship, which had entered into that nations character and worked in their natures.
  • Bronze age it is a highly specialized foundry using the lost wax method to cast works in bronze and other non-ferrous metals.
  • We were about half through when one bushman said to another: "Stop your damned swearin', Jim. Here's Peter M'Laughlan!" Peter walked up and the men made way for him and he went into the office. There was always considerably less swearing for a few feet round about where Peter M'Laughlan happened to be working in a shearing-shed. It seemed to be an understood thing with the men. He took no advantages, never volunteered to preach at a shed where he was working, and only spoke on union subjects when the men asked him to. He was "rep." (Shearers' Union representative) at this shed, but squatters and station managers respected him as much as the men did.
  • "Maybe there are other reasons for war besides sheer boredom, or ennui, as the French would say," the man said as he worked in earnest on opening the can of hash. "There's always the traditional reason of wanting someone else's property and just deciding to take it, that's how this country got started, probably how every country got started, for that matter, but perhaps the real reason for all war and violence is just that life is cheap, that's why it's so easy to kill and always has been. Has to be some reason, doesn't there? Life is cheap, that's why having thousands of nuclear missiles that could kill hundreds of millions, even billions of people, doesn't seem to worry us that much. We accept it, like there's nothing we can do. Maybe human life just isn't worth that much, yours, mine, and everybody else's, and there's nothing we can do to change that."
  • Through the lengthening evenings they sat crouched on wooden boxes either side of the stove, conversing rarely, gazing at one spot with a steady persistency which was only an outward indication of the persistency with which their minds held to the work in hand. Tim, the older at the business, showed this trait more strongly than Thorpe. The old man thought of nothing but logging. From the stump to the bank, from the bank to the camp, from the camp to the stump again, his restless intelligence travelled tirelessly, picking up, turning over, examining the littlest details with an ever-fresh curiosity and interest. Nothing was too small to escape this deliberate scrutiny. Nothing was in so perfect a state that it did not bear one more inspection. He played the logging as a chess player his game. One by one he adopted the various possibilities, remote and otherwise, as hypotheses, and thought out to the uttermost copper rivet what would be the best method of procedure in case that possibility should confront him.
  • Moonwater smiled. "Most people are surprised to find aestri working in the castle. There have been aestri here since the council ratification of the laws of Hura, but we are allowed only as assistants and maids of the inner court. The women of the queue residence don't really like us, but it is the wish of Hura..." She smiled again. "But I'm sure you don't wish to stand here discussing such trivial things. If you will come this way."
  • This was Greek to Pat, whose acquaintance with automobiles was too recent for him to appreciate the importance of a license number at a time like this. But Sparrer had not practiced taking automobile numbers in the rush hours at Madison Square for nothing. It had been only fun there, by way of training his eyes to quick and sure observation. Now as a result eye and brain worked in unison and almost automatically and despite the speed of the car he got the number as surely as if it had been at a standstill.
  • Impish delight when she tells people what she did for a living before she stopped working in 2001.
  • The next morning, Sunday, Meyer went to work on his new plan. What it was Benita did not trouble to inquire, but she gathered that it had something to do with the measuring out of the chapel cave into squares for the more systematic investigation of each area. At twelve o'clock he emerged for his midday meal, in the course of which he remarked that it was very dreary working in that place alone, and that he would be glad when it was Monday, and they could accompany him. His words evidently disturbed Mr. Clifford not a little, and even excited some compunction in the breast of Benita.
  • Moments later Connor heard his grandfather pulling into the driveway and he honked the trucks horn twice. He grabbed Marks shoulder in appreciation saying "Later, Bud." Walking to his closet Connor grabbed his duffle bag and filled it with clothes. He ran into the open garage and grabbed Tool. He then had another idea that would work in his favor. Connor walked over to Karas wagon, untied the rope from the wagon and threw the chest strap and rope over his shoulder.
  • Where intellect alone was concerned--as, for instance, in the working out of a problem in engineering or mechanics--he was cool, calculating, and absolutely unemotional. His highly-disciplined mind was capable of banishing every other subject from consideration save the one which claimed the attention of the hour, and of incorporating itself wholly with the work in hand until it was finished.
  • "Not here," replied the leader, smiling at the look of disappointment visible on William's face, which he could twist about in the most comical way ever seen outside of a clown's work in the circus. "To-night we'll make our first regular camp, you know, and that will be time enough to break in."
  • Those of us who work in upland path repair can often succumb to a rather unhealthy obsession with the state of footpaths.
  • "Its justI--A million things. Like, what if Vera gets the police report about the incident, and, and, reads that Brenda did touch the kid, which is against Grab-n-Go rulesOr, yknow, Brenda just decides she doesnt want to work in the "dark" side of town anymoreOr, or shes mad at me for, for…"
  • The Celts, the older man said in the gloom, they have always wandered. His own sons were working in Germany; his brothers at one time had all emigrated to Cuba.
  • I think I know the reason of that,"" volunteered Hamilton. ""I heard some census men talking about it, and one of them had spent a long time in Italy. He said that while it was true plenty of the peasants worked in the fields, they usually lived together in villages and went to the fields in the morning."
  • Watching the throngs that passed, both on foot and in carriages of many types, the young naval officers felt certain that at no other point could they obtain as good a general view of the city of Naples. Many well-to-do Italians were afoot, having sold their carriages and automobiles in order to buy the war bonds of their country. As there were several Italian warships in port, sailors from these craft were ashore and mingling with the throng. Soldiers home on sick leave from the Austrian frontier were to be seen. Other men, who looked like mere lads, wore new army uniforms proudly. These latter were the present year's recruits, lately called to the colors and drilling for the work that lay ahead of them, work in deadly earnest against hated Austria.
  • "Again, that was the theory. But the theory doesnt work in practice in this case, because the proteins used on both the ELISA and Western Blot are the same and have been proven to cross-react with antibodies to other diseases and conditions. In fact, no one is supposed to take a Western Blot test without having at least two prior positive ELISA tests, because the Western Blot produces too many false positives by itself. According to one study in 1993, there was as much as a forty-percent chance of having a false result on a Western Blot by itself."
  • I didnt want to be one of those people unable to just exist in the world without a device in my hand and the thumbs up following of a social media clique. But at the moment, I felt like I was headed off the deep end. My mind spinning out a thousand worries of all the things Daniel might do online, might be already doing, and how Doug would react, how to break it to him, how to go to work in the morning if my name was somehow publicized in the ominous ways Daniel had threatened. Had he specified anything? I didnt think so, but that just made it worsea whole world of possibilities expanded like a virus in my mind.
  • The thought of Edith being of mixed race hadn't detoured Benny, even as David clumsily danced around the subject. A man of Benny's stature could marry whomever he pleased. Besides, he wasn't the type the concern himself with the thoughts of strangers. He worked in politics, after all. Still, David continued.
  • The British administration, which began with Sir Robert Farquhar as Governor, was followed by rapid social and economic changes. Slavery was abolished in 1835. The planters received two million pounds sterling in compensation for the loss of their slaves who had been imported from Africa and Madagascar during the French occupation. The abolition of slavery had important repercussions on the socio-economic and demographic fields. The planters brought large number of indentured labourers from India to work in the sugar cane fields. Between 1834 and 1921, around half a million indentured labourers were present on the island. They worked on sugar estates, factories, in transport and construction sites. Additionally, the British brought 8,740 Indian soldiers to the islands.
  • "Then I went to New York to work in Media." Another smile. "We really called itMediawith a capital. I fell in love with a guy at NYU helped him make his thesis film. Nice enough guy but a user. I worked my ass off for him."
  • "I'm not in any hurry to get married," he said. "Unless I married some girl boat bum, I'd probably have to give up rafting, and I'm not ready to do that yet. That doesn't always work. Louise married a boatman. Now, he doesn't run at all -- he's got a job that he can't get off of long enough to run a trip. She's a schoolteacher, so she can get in maybe three trips in the summer if she leaves him home. I don't think I could stand to just work in a factory and live on memories."
  • Most of these antibiotics will not work in very acid or very alkaline conditions.
  • Oh! In the far west, yes! But it is a God-forsaken country! I don't know much about it, I confess. I know they are booming town lots all over the land. I believe they have gone quite mad in the business, but from what I hear, the main work in the west just now is jaw work; the only thing they raise is corner lots.
  • "For three weeks I worked in the warehouse of Henry Dubineau, the largest importer of French and Italian wines to England. He also owns a chunk of the East India Company and some French stocks in a company that wants to build a canal somewhere..."
  • Cut it out! Cut it out! Can dat! complained the Magpie patiently. "De point is, youse worked in his house, didn't youse?"
  • 'Well,' said Paul, 'I'm afraid that I may have been a little neglectful lately. I have a piece of work in hand which occupies me a great deal. I may, perhaps, be too absorbed in it.'
  • There's a man driving, and I reckon now that may be the surgeon, Merritt was saying, as though deeply interested. "How about this, Rob? I thought nurses only worked in the hospitals back of the lines; but these seem heading right for the battlefield."
  • You have no doubt wondered how Robinson could work in his cave, especially at night without a light. The truth is, it was a great source of discomfort to him. At sunset he was in total darkness in his cave. During the day light enough streamed in from the open doorway. To be alone in total darkness is not pleasant. "If I only had fire!" he said again and again.
  • Her voice was weaker, so I moistened her lips with the brandy again, and she continued, but it seemed as though her memory had gone on working in the interval for her story was further advanced. I was about to call her back to the point, but Van Helsing whispered to me, 'Let her go on. Do not interrupt her. She cannot go back, and maybe could not proceed at all if once she lost the thread of her thought.'
  • The firm remains well known for its work in international child abduction " .
  • Oh! I know its done. But everyone works in the belief theyll leave you alone if you leave them alone. From many years painful experience theyve learned to stay out of noble fights and you owe them the same.
  • Currently work in this group is focussed in two areas: immunobiology of the normal host prion protein, prpc.
  • But these are new works. What you saw were probably some of his older pieces. He has several works in each of the major museums in the area and in a number of the better private collections.
  • "Im serious, Mike. Look at us. Two guys at our prime and were working in retail. We both have so much more potential than a dead end job like this."
  • Miraculous draft of fish, but the divine power at work in jesus singles peter out for special service.
  • But the first look made him believe the worst. On the floor, toppled over in the chair to which he had been bound, lay Mr. Fulton, his injured shoulder twisted way out of place, his distorted face the color of old ivory. Gagged and tightly laced to the bed lay Mr. Billings, his features working in wildest rage.
  • Jennifer knew better. It had been three years since, when, with newly issued law degree in hand, she had gone to work in the Senators office. She was practical. Thin, plain and smart, she did her job well, covering the Senators issues for his seat on the Foreign Affairs Committee. And there had been some successes, but success was incremental and it often came in the form of additional spending. She had succeeded in persuading her boss to back provisions for looser patent restrictions and to allow production of more generic drugs, and the Senator was willing, despite the pharmaceutical lobby. The Senator liked her and trusted her, and she actually had her own office with a door, a prize on Capitol Hill, even if it was only marginally larger than a closet and she had to share it with "her" intern. Nevertheless, she was becoming distracted by the everyday compromise of politics. She even bothered to meet with the legislative director about the farm bill. He heard her with a show of understanding and concern before turning her down.
  • He flipped through the list quickly and went back to the one with a star next to it and a note in the margin: Father and grandfather both worked in the Egyptian antiquities market before they were rounded up in 1981 by Egyptian authorities as suspected members of El-Jihad.
  • At the end of the meal Nick tapped the table with his knife and held up his glass. He was slightly tipsy and spoke slowly and deliberately so as not to slur his words. "A toast," he declared. Maureen and Martin raised their glasses. "To the man upstairs. Our lord Jesus Christ. Who works in very mysterious ways but who came good in the end."
  • Jorden couldn't fix the accordion-like instrument. When he finally worked out how to open the case, it came apart all too easily, and a conglomeration of internal organs spilled out onto the surface of the table that Jorden was currently working above. Jorden was briefly worried about that, but then the thing hadn't worked in years and he could hardly be expected to fix everything.
  • Although Fred had contemplated this issue, and had prepared for it, yet he had become so thoroughly imbued with the belief that it was Mickey O'Rooney who was toiling upward that he was almost entirely thrown off his guard. Because of this, the cunning Apache would have secured his foothold and clambered out upon the daring lad, but for one thing. He had done, tremendous work in climbing a rope for such a distance, and his strength was nearly gone when he reached the open air.
  • Make longer confined to working in the bedroom, wireless access to the internet has been made available in our hotels.
  • Pyp nodded and stepped lightly up the stairs. They were leaving Portus Tarrus tonight, were one horse short, and Koisis had told him his best friend worked in the stables. It had not been difficult for Pyp to work out what he had to do.
  • This new product began with an invention, as it customarily did. The first founder, Tom, was always coming up with something, then leaving it to the second founder, Chris, and his marketing team, to figure out what to do with it. In this case it was an ordinary-looking rubber wristband, which resembled one of those inspirational bands that companies like to give out to employees with stamped inspirational mottoes such as 'Never Give Up', or 'One Team One Fight'. The Syomatix wristband, though, was nothing quite so simple. It contained, among other things, wireless connectivity, a transparent video screen and a host of transponders and sensors which responded to various forms of tactile input. Tom called it the Highly Adaptive Friendular System, or HAFS for short. It was meant to be used for what Chris called 'constant contact'. When Tom had first brought it up to show Kandhi (Tom always worked in the basement, even in the shiny new headquarters), her first reaction had been
  • Several times they saw old men at work in the fields, trying to save a part of their farm crops, though without horses they could do little. Every beast of burden had been drafted for one or the other army; what the Belgians missed the Germans had certainly commandeered to take the place of horses lost in the numerous fierce engagements thus far fought.
  • The dinner was a great success. After it was over a huge bowl of punch was placed on the table, and after the health of the Czar and that of the Queen of England had been drunk, speeches were made, songs were sung, and stories told. While this was going on, the farmer brought in a dozen trusses of straw. These his wife and the maids opened and distributed along both sides of the room, laying blankets over them. It was not long before Godfrey began to feel very drowsy, the result of the day's work in the cold, a good dinner, the heated air of the room and the din, and would have gladly lain down; but his movement to leave the table was at once frustrated, and he was condemned to drink an extra tumbler of punch as a penalty. After that he had but a confused idea of the rest of the evening. He knew that many songs were sung, and that everyone seemed talking together, and as at last he managed to get away and lie down on the straw he had a vague idea that the colonel was standing on a chair making a final oration, with the punch-bowl turned upside down and worn as a helmet.
  • Have you not thought of this`? Although you serve without slacking in the heaviest work in this world out of fear of imprisonment, does the fear of an eternal incarceration like Hell not fill you with enthusiasm for a most light and agreeable act of service?
  • Try counting how many individual aspects are at work in a grand sextile!
  • Not a bit of it! Belle disputed warmly. "Dave, don't belittle your own superb work in that fashion! The Army would have lost to-day if the West Point eleven had been made up exclusively of Prescotts and Holmeses!"
  • The short, black-haired Highlander was working in his garden, and came forward to greet his visitors with true Gaelic courtesy.
  • "At least I work in a place where theres medical equipment and people savvy with emergencies handy in case anything goes wrong while Im there. And the rest of the time Im usually with you, so Im covered for the most part. Crap, speaking of which I completely forgot about work. What kind of a business owner am I?" Omari shook her head, embarrassed that she hadnt even though about her clinic or her animals back home.
  • Paul was struggling bravely to finish this long, weary first day's work in a manner that should reflect credit upon his protector; but the hours seemed to drag into weeks, and each minute he feared he should break down entirely. He tried to hide the cruel slate cuts on his hands, nor let Derrick discover how his back ached, and how he was choked by the coal-dust. He even attempted to smile when Derrick spoke to him, though his ear, unaccustomed to the noise of the machinery and the rushing coal, failed to catch what was said.
  • During the short time that remained of the term Rupert got on better than he had expected. While the examination was going on Easton invited him to do his work in his private study, gave him his advice as to the passages likely to be set, and coached him up in difficult points, and he came out higher in his form than he had expected to do.
  • "And all this time, Pete and me been working in a shoe factory, runnin' after stupid little boxes and here we are sittin' on seven hundred million buck—"
  • And on a sudden he roughly had her hand to possess himself of her, on which she sprang sharp up, he after; she ran, he after; she dodging him to and fro, twisting like a swift, no word uttered, he working in an earnest dumbness but once to clap hand on her and rumple her by supremacy of muscle and summary pre-eminence of strength, and like dog and fox "at the death" they spurted, like a whirl of serpents doubling upon themselves, till for some moments he lost her, but then, alert of ear, heard her feet stealing, rushed upon her, and had her crushed soft to his body like a doll of rubber, teeth to teeth.
  • Two days before his very sudden death while working in his workshop, he served the elements at the morning communion service.
  • Over the years the society has performed virtually all the works in the standard choral repertoire.
  • Students of composition in music conservatoires in all european countries have always been expected to produce chamber music works alongside works in other genres.
  • It was the rutting season and the buck was in a fighting mood. But he was puzzled by this small motionless antagonist. He hesitated a bare second before launching his wicked charge. Then as he bellowed his defiance there came a loud report. The buck's haunches wavered, then straightened with a jerk, as he made a great leap up the bank and fell dead. From Jeremy's long-barrelled gun a wisp of smoke floated away. Betty Cantwell sat down very suddenly and seemed about to cry, but as the canoe shot up to the shore she was smiling once more. They took her aboard and started down stream again. A few hundred yards brought them to the edge of the Cantwell clearing, where Bob hailed the negroes working in the field and gave them orders for bringing down the dead buck.
  • Annie looked at her sister-in-law. "They said that they didnt mind the work, but they hated the work environment and that they didnt get paid very well at all." Annie took a sip of water. "I think they had to work in order to live there and I think their chores never did get done."
  • John Gaviller sat in his swivel chair behind his desk, leaning his head on his hand. Ambrose was shocked by the change that three months' illness had worked in him.
  • The aim of work in these areas is to maintain and improve neutron spectrometry and neutron dosimetry capabilities and services.
  • One evening, as she was coming home very tired after a long day's work in the slums of the city, Jane arrived at the model cottages outside my park gates. Having half an hour to spare, she determined to visit a few of their occupants. Her second call was on the Smith family.
  • It was again mid-summer ere Mark Woolston had his boat ready for launching. He had taken things leisurely, and completed his work in all its parts, before he thought of putting the craft into the water. Afraid of worms, he used some of the old copper on this boat, too; and he painted her, inside and out, not only with fidelity, but with taste. Although there was no one but Kitty to talk to, he did not forget to paint the name which he had given to his new vessel, in her stern-sheets, where he could always see it. She was called the "Bridget Yardley;" and, notwithstanding the unfavourable circumstances in which she had been put together, Mark thought she did no discredit to her beautiful namesake, when completed. When he had everything finished, even to mast and sails, of the last of which he fitted her with mainsail and jib, the young man set about his preparations for getting his vessel afloat.
  • Trained as a secondary teacher and worked in adult education and staff training and development in the financial sector.
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