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On top of that disincentive, an incentive was added. The state legislature created a $10 million reward to be shared by hospitals that showed marked improvement on five patient-health measures, including reducing ________ early births. Consequently, hospitals began requiring physicians to document a medical reason for every delivery before 39 weeks; others required all such births to be approved by a senior medical officer. For some, educating staff about the risks of delivering at 37 to 39 weeks was sufficient to bring rates down. Significantly, the effort is led by a committee, the Washington State Perinatal Collaborative, that includes doctors.

"What about the prayer?" the Master of Ceremony insisted. He didn't even mention the Imperial Mimes, because they had all run away. In a very artistic way, of course. Neither did he mention the psalms. Having the High Priest sing in his current state didn't seem like a good idea. Mimes and psalms were ________ in any case, but the prayer wasn't and the Master of Ceremony wasn't going to give up on that.

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